1/52- The urge of fish and fire.

Hello food barkada's welcome to my first post of my food project 52. First in line is the Cebu's tinap-anan. Danao City is known for this native delicacy. Tinap-anan is usually sold in wet markets, Tinap-anan  is Fish cooked/roasted over an open fire. You could see women shouting and encouraging you to buy their tinap-anan's saying, "daie palit mo, tinap-anan. Bag.o pa kaayo, init pa dali daie." you could see them early in the afternoon 3PM-on wards.

I was in the market with my Aunt to buy our dinner for that day, where we bought Tinap-anan.One stick of the tinap-anan cost 55 pesos and 30 pesos if you only buy one piece. You should try it guys, it's really good with hanging rice and patis with some small red chili's. 

1 comment:

  1. yes, this one is perfect for patis! lainan ko kung tuyo or suka ang tuslo-an.


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