Welcome to the Southeast!! I'm JM Genobaña-- I'm from the queen city of the South Cebu city Philippines. I'm just your average girl, I do cooking, I do sports, I dream of Skydiving and Cliff diving. I only hate Beans but I roll over cucumbers. I don't chew Betel nuts, but I twirl down for Dried Mangoes. I love everything about the food world, can't barely choose on whats the best, I go crazy for  California Maki, Gummy worms, gummy bears, Ribs, chocolates. Burgers, any dish as long as its Chicken, Ramen, Fruits, dried mangoes, dried mangoes and dried mangoes. :P 

This blog is a product of my musings and definite cravings. Eating is my meditation, its my medicine. 

Some people eat to live, but others live to eat whatever you are be thrilled with lots of excitement! The food world has lots of things to offer from Gourmet to street eats, they're all fun! I do live to eat, and vice versa. Whatever you say. Heeee ~.~

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