Friday, July 18, 2014

The McCormick Online Store

           McCormick has been a great companion to all of us who are in loved with cooking and who made our own kitchens into sanctuaries. For over a hundred and twenty five years, McCormick has been part of bringing not just flavor to our food but also families and friends enjoying the deliciousness of life together making moments more memorable. McCormick brings good quality products that are well-love by millions of home-cooks and businesses all over the world but beyond the fruitful years McCormick is still hungry for innovation and they want to help every person or business that has passion within them in an innovative way, McCormick, today launches its new and improved McCormick Online Store, to offer convenience in providing their quality products with just a click of a button

       McCormick Online store gives food business owners to save time and money on trucking and transporting orders, helping them maximize their time and budget to further grow their business. The online store is the key to easier hand of McCormick’s quality products like spices, herbs, condiments, seasonings, flavors and extracts and so much more.  By just singing up using your email addresses or via Facebook to the McCormick online store you can instantly get one hundred peso discount on your first purchase and you know, McCormick loves to give exclusive discounts to the members of the online store that’s why if your purchases reach for about five thousand pesos the delivery fee is free! The delivery period is about 3-5 working days and for a hassle free way you can pay using your credit and debit cards and thru pay pal for your orders. 

          The new McCormick online store also features the Chef’s corner where visitors can learn more about spices, cooking tips and mouth-watering recipes perfect for food business and home cooking. The McCormick online store is a friendly site and very easy to man. Take the easy way and lt McCormick help you in the way! Take a look on the website

          From the McCormick online store to your door, from your kitchen to their plates, in this expedient way you can make your business click with McCormick!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Be to places Safely with Technology- GrabTaxiPH

          In a growing metropolitan like Cebu, the fastest way to be in places is through a cab. But how sure are we that our cabbie driver is not a mugger or a bad guy? This is just one of the things we have to consider in choosing a cab, luckily with the help of technology there’s an app that can help you find a good and trustworthy taxi driver. This might be far off from food but we also hire a taxi driver to bring us to the place where we spend our meal time right? How could we enjoy our meal if we had a reckless driver or a driver who took advantage of the area and took the long way for you to pay a larger bill or a very unfriendly driver who destroyed your mood because of his attitude? There’s still a connection to it right?

         An app called GrabTaxi can help you in this. GrabTaxi is the largest Southeast Asian taxi-booking mobile app that can provide Cebuanos a safer, more secure and faster way of getting to their destinations. With the help of mobile data and a smartphone you don’t have to compete with other commuters and be in long taxi waiting lines in malls to get a cab, just take your smartphone out and book a taxi. 

So this is how GrabTaxi looks like.

Just imagine how great this app is, in few clicks tadaaaaaaaaahhhh! you have a trustworthy cabbie driver in front of you .

So, here's a little "how-do-I-use-my-GrabTaxiapp"







Why won't you try it yourself? Download the App now! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jollibee's Family Bee Day


          Jollibee, the country's no. 1 fastfood chain invites you and your family to the Jollibee Family Bee day Grand Picnic happening on May 10, Saturday spread out in 5 different locations namely Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, Davao and here in Cebu! 

          Gates open at 2pm at Plaza Independencia, family fun, fulfilling activities and celebrity performances  awaits for you and your families. Open too for workmates, classmates, friends, and just for everyone! You can buy a ticket for only P 150 in any participation Jollibee stores nationwide. Just purchase any Jollibee product for dine in or take-out then you are now entitled to buy a picnic ticket. One ticket per person only. You can present your ticket upon entering the gate venue for you to be able to claim your picnic meal and your access to the side attractions of the event. 

See you there!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Been so fast, been so good.

        I'd like to say hi to everyone out there, hello I'm already 19, I dunno if  the addition of 365 more days in my life would practically sound awesome or could sound scary.

Photo by Ryan Araneta

        So today is the day that I have to start cherishing the remaining 365 days of my teenage years, Happy Ninetieth year to me! (Insert fireworks and balloons right here). It’s been 6939 beautiful days, there had been countless moments that took my breath away and numerous people that made me happy made me sad and just everything in between, all those things just made the biggest impact to my life. 19 years ago, I was no one, and I don’t even know anything about life. 19 years had passed and now I’m a big grown girl, not the type who is settled like trains on tracks but the one who has an open mind and of course a kind whose always open for adventure.

        Another year to face, bunch of memories to make, and more people to meet! I’d been so grateful and so thankful for the people that have never left me had always been there whatever pulls and push, ups and downs I have to face. To God who had been my strength to do all the things I have to do and also for giving me the people that I love, to my family especially to my mom who had been my kryptonite in getting up every day and for sending me to a good school. She never stopped loving, teaching and supporting me tho lately I’d been a naughty one, thanks mom for every single thing you had allotted me. To my friends who had been the energy-giver and inspiration to me thank you guys! Thank you thank you thank you! Damn, I sound like a broken record. 

“Because of tears, woman is invincible” 


        I'd like to thank Ryan Araneta  for this wonderful shoot. Thank you master, finally I looked like a real person in these awesome pictures, hopefully, more projects to work with you (crossing my fingers, meheee) God bless you and your family! :) To my ever dearly beloved best friend Ashley Chan, thank you bebz for everything (friendship, food, T nights and for so many things :*) More bottles to tumba? what ya say? :) 

April 8, 2014 it is. 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Flavors by Tanny

           Good food and good ambiance, the first two things we consider in choosing the place to go when we eat out together with our families and or with friends. There are numerous Filipino restaurants here in Cebu but only a few can be considered authentic. Most of these restaurants are not only bringing culture and heritage to our plates but also brings back the genuine time wherein our ancestors were playful enough to come up with the common Filipino dishes we have right now. I’m grateful that there are Filipinos who are likely creative to fuse Filipino dishes with other cuisines, like how Mr. Constantine Tan-Chan brings Flavors by Tanny which offers  upscale, healthy yet affordable and good Filipino-Fused dishes to us here in Cebu. Flavors by Tanny opened last December and they will have their grand launching on the 15th of March 2014 wherein they will be raffling Ipad minis on that day (and I guess you don’t wanna miss it!)! You can get one raffle ticket for every 500 pesos accumulated in dining at The Flavors. You still have the time! 

Mr Constantine, proudly tells you that Flavors serves not only good but also satisfying organic dishes with the Filipino touch. He promises the freshness and quality of the ingredients being used in every dish to make more dining here in Flavors warming and enjoyable. 

Stepping in Flavors I was welcomed by the bright, airy and inviting atmosphere of the place, I loved the simplicity of the interior cause it makes the place wholesome and so natural. I’m a simple person so I’m easily pleased with simple things. Vivid colors, brown and green were comfort to the eyes and the set up was perfectly fit for the people who wants to have quality time with their families and friends. 

Wide array of dishes were served for us to devour, to start we had The Tanny’s Organic Salad which is a fresh mix of garden greens topped with Alfalfa sprouts with spicy roe dressing. The greens were really fresh and the dressing bit amazed my palate, combination of sweet and spicy all together brushing with the creaminess gave a wonderful start to my eating adventure for that day

Tanny’s Organic Salad 

The “Pho” Chero was the combination of our “Pochero” and Vietnamese rice noodles, this was a pot of gold which had the key to a full belly, beef was so tender (very slow cooked) and the noodles were so firm. You just have to get them together to fully enjoy it. This serves 3-4 hungry bellies! 

“Pho” Chero

Those crispy Spring Rolls with Sweet chilli sauce also appealed my palate, carrots, celery and corn were wrapped and deep fried (I love their “lumpia”/ spring roll wrapper because they were not that salty) Hey, man! Don’t cut the guilt! Even if it’s deep fried, there are vegetables in it! So what? To wrap it up, outside is crispy but it’s not dry on the inside (Still, don’t judge a book by its cover!) and It was also kind of sweet on the inside. (I guess it’s because of the vegetable juices and the kind of oil used

Spring Rolls with Sweet chilli sauce

Another exciting dish was the “Chichaprawns” these are Prawns breaded with “Chicharon” or salted pork cracklings; Oh my, the toothsome combination, this dish was just simply incredible! The two great things I love, Prawns and Chicharon joined their forces to make an extraordinary dish. I can still remember how crunchy, and crispy and lustily good this dish was (I actually had two pieces with this, cause I usually limit myself with one because its breaded and deep fried). This dish by Flavors is a good reward after the workloads I had to do for school; I deserved the “Chichaprawns”! (Oh boy! I’m craving for more) Zhequia agrees with me in this! The chicharon had the delightful relationship with the mayonnaise so I have to cut it from here from here.


           The Flavors Ginger Chicken Stew, was similar to our “Chicken Adobo”, it just had ginger in it. (heeee common sense for me hahaha). The chicken was tender and carried the gingery flavour, (for rice eaters like me) this dish will cost you another round of rice (don’t cut the guilt!). The mix was not new to me because my mum, loves to put Ginger in her home cooked “Chicken Adobo”, she loved it that way tho. 

Flavors Ginger Chicken Stew

Next dish was the Flavors Kaldereta Special (Goat stew). The sauce was a bit tangy and sweet for me, but its good in a way and I have to say that it’s better than the ones  from Rex’s Kandingan sa SRP (you can check my post about it right here) because meat was fork tender and it didn’t have the not-so-good-goat-smell that we usually notice in goat dishes.

Flavors Kaldereta Special

To make room for the Carbs (CHO), Truffle Carbonara was laid next; I didn’t find anything special from the dish, like an ordinary Carbonara, it was creamy and sweet. The noodles were also firm but a small portion of it was enough for me..

Truffle Carbonara

Someone’s craving for Steak was fixed in here; USDA tenderloin steak with Flavors’ touch was served in a platter of happiness accompanied with veggies and mashed potato. Hmmm! I’ve been meaning for a medium rare steak for the longest and here, I met you my darling! This is 8 out of 10. This platter serves 3-4 heads, so good for sharing!

Steak Baby!

Zhequia and I both agreed that their mashed potatoes is one of the best Mashed Potatoes in town, this was smooth and not that creamy and this was peppery too (I’ kinda don’t like those creamy mashed ones cause they’re just so commercialized),

For our drinks, Z had the Mango Basil Shake while I had the Pineapple Kale Shake, the combination of Pineapple and Kale was beatific and so healthy indeed, you can't really taste the Kale cause the Pineapple was there to fill the whole drink. Z loves Basil so she had the Mango Basil, for me the Basil was overpowering but surprisingly, the combination was wonderful. 

Mango Basil Shake

Pineapple Kale Shake
Hi 5 healthy drinks!
So, if you’re on a lookout for a perfect dinner venue, Flavors by Tanny is one great place for you, good healthy food and good ambiance joined together to offer a great dining experience to us Cebuanos. 

For a happy belly: 
"Tanny's Organic Salad with spicy Roe dressing"- P 180.00
" 'Pho' Chero"- P 495.00
"Flavors Spring Rolls"- P 110.00
"ChichaPrawns"- P 190.00
"Flavors Ginger Chicken Stew"- P 240.00
"Flavors Kaldereta Stew"- P320.00
"Truffle Carbonara"-P 220.00
"USDA Steak"- P 550.00 (Solo), P 990.00 (for 3-4 pax)
"Mango Basil Shake"- P 110.00
"Pineapple Kale Shake"- P 95.00

The Flavors by Tanny
Parkmall 168 Ouano Ave. Mandaue City

Open every single day,
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

For reservations:

Tel. no. (032) 422-8686

Cash √
Credit card √
Take outs √
Good for groups √
Parking √
Very friendly staffs √
Good food √

Till next time! xx

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