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In the Queen city of the south, one foodie was raving to her mom about some gummy bears, but her mom said "no cause they're fattening, I thought you were on a diet". "Mom please? :( ) the foodie replied. But still got no gummy bears from her mom. Then so, she decided to obtain it by herself.

For the real talk, that foodie was me, I love how gummy bears rumble over your mouth and giving off that sweet fruity flavor. hmmm they're my ultimate favorite and I love eating it when I'm bored or when I'm studying and one more tip to enjoy your gummy bears (It's from my friend Cheeeniee) is to stretch it. I tried it, (really tried it) 

So selling these goodies which I call gummies kept me busy for the past few weeks (except from the school works, of course) 

-----Gummy candies, gummies or Jelly sweets are a broad category of gelatin-based chewy candy. 

Gummy bears P 30/ 100grams

Gummy Hearts P 30/ 100 grams

Orange slices P30/ 100 grams

Jelly balls P30/ 100 grams

Gummy Caterpillars P 30/ 100 grams

Assorted pack (Caterpillars, hearts,  balls, orange slices and bears) P35 / 100grams

Welcome to the candy town!

Handy Candy CLub also open its doors for catering a candy buffet for small events and parties. You just have to contact Handy candy club for more details, price is negotiable varying on the amounts of candies you want to have on your candy buffet. 

Handy and affordable candies invaded the Queen City of the south! :) 


The sweetest club in town

For orders, reservations and inquires contact 0932-865-5408 

Or like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/handycandyclub
or follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/handyCandyClub

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