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Been so fast, been so good.

        I'd like to say hi to everyone out there, hello I'm already 19, I dunno if  the addition of 365 more days in my life would practically sound awesome or could sound scary.

Photo by Ryan Araneta

        So today is the day that I have to start cherishing the remaining 365 days of my teenage years, Happy Ninetieth year to me! (Insert fireworks and balloons right here). It’s been 6939 beautiful days, there had been countless moments that took my breath away and numerous people that made me happy made me sad and just everything in between, all those things just made the biggest impact to my life. 19 years ago, I was no one, and I don’t even know anything about life. 19 years had passed and now I’m a big grown girl, not the type who is settled like trains on tracks but the one who has an open mind and of course a kind whose always open for adventure.

        Another year to face, bunch of memories to make, and more people to meet! I’d been so grateful and so thankful for the people that have never left me had always been there whatever pulls and push, ups and downs I have to face. To God who had been my strength to do all the things I have to do and also for giving me the people that I love, to my family especially to my mom who had been my kryptonite in getting up every day and for sending me to a good school. She never stopped loving, teaching and supporting me tho lately I’d been a naughty one, thanks mom for every single thing you had allotted me. To my friends who had been the energy-giver and inspiration to me thank you guys! Thank you thank you thank you! Damn, I sound like a broken record. 

“Because of tears, woman is invincible” 


        I'd like to thank Ryan Araneta  for this wonderful shoot. Thank you master, finally I looked like a real person in these awesome pictures, hopefully, more projects to work with you (crossing my fingers, meheee) God bless you and your family! :) To my ever dearly beloved best friend Ashley Chan, thank you bebz for everything (friendship, food, T nights and for so many things :*) More bottles to tumba? what ya say? :) 

April 8, 2014 it is. 



  1. A very belated happy NINETIETH (you said so yourself!) birthday hehehe :D You are now my lola!

    1. Huhu di manko Lola nimo! :( Thanks diay! Pakan'a sab ko :P


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