Be to places Safely with Technology- GrabTaxiPH

          In a growing metropolitan like Cebu, the fastest way to be in places is through a cab. But how sure are we that our cabbie driver is not a mugger or a bad guy? This is just one of the things we have to consider in choosing a cab, luckily with the help of technology there’s an app that can help you find a good and trustworthy taxi driver. This might be far off from food but we also hire a taxi driver to bring us to the place where we spend our meal time right? How could we enjoy our meal if we had a reckless driver or a driver who took advantage of the area and took the long way for you to pay a larger bill or a very unfriendly driver who destroyed your mood because of his attitude? There’s still a connection to it right?

         An app called GrabTaxi can help you in this. GrabTaxi is the largest Southeast Asian taxi-booking mobile app that can provide Cebuanos a safer, more secure and faster way of getting to their destinations. With the help of mobile data and a smartphone you don’t have to compete with other commuters and be in long taxi waiting lines in malls to get a cab, just take your smartphone out and book a taxi. 

So this is how GrabTaxi looks like.

Just imagine how great this app is, in few clicks tadaaaaaaaaahhhh! you have a trustworthy cabbie driver in front of you .

So, here's a little "how-do-I-use-my-GrabTaxiapp"







Why won't you try it yourself? Download the App now! 

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