Tropical Paradise "Virgin Beach Resort"

This is the blast I've been talking about from the latest post I had. This invite by Mr. Ron Perry gave the bliss to kid's heart. Mr. Perry invited me for a free stay in his resort with meals included, It's called Virgin beach Resort. Owned by the couple Mr and Mrs. Ron and Fe Perry (Click here to read on how Virgin Beach resort began) They had this admirable resort located in Daan Bantayan, north of Cebu. The place was tucked there without knowing its existence. It seems to be a place were you could find reconciliation; it's where you could find happiness. This is quite a lengthy post so don't get bored reading friends: D

Hearing that it's from Daan Bantayan, it is indeed far from the city. Where I realized how different it is living from there comparing to the busy place like Cebu City. You can reach Daan Bantayan by taking air conditioned bus from north bus terminal with the route Maya via Bagay (Most of the barkers and drivers know where is Virgin Beach resort is located so they will eventually tell you if you are in the right place) It's a 4 hour trip (or less i guess) from NBT to Malbago (Barrio where VBR is located) The trip will cost you 150 pesos/ person. Or you can take V-Hire (air conditioned van for hire) 150/person. After that, you can ride a motorcycle for hire and they will drive you to VBR (you just have to pay 20 pesos/person).

You know you are in the right place if you see this structure:
(Click on the pictures to enlarged them) ☺

This is the orchid bar where the front desk is located. In this same area you could find their Restaurant, Mini bar and some of their amenities like the billiard table, TV, DVD's, Books, Table tennis table, Mini gym, Game boards and Puzzles and Video games. You could also enjoy their free WiFi here!

These old photographs would bring you to the old established moments of Virgin Beach Resort and their guests.


This 2 hectare resort has lots of things to discover in it, as well as of the well kept nature in it. There are lots of flower bearing plants around the cottages and rooms same as of those tall trees everywhere.

This alluring place was more beautified by this fascinating swimming pool with water slide (When we arrived, I headed directly to this place and took some pictures) 

One of their amenities that you can avail in VBR is their horse back riding. (These horses are so cute: D)

I was actually with my mom, tita tata and te cherry for this adventure. And we stayed in their studio type room called orchid deluxe large duplex cottage suite facing the sea with a private veranda (front and back veranda). The room is air conditioned, with private bathroom and CR (Hot water in the shower) and an open closet for our clothes. For the dining needs they have a kitchenette inside with refrigerator, rice cooker, tables and chairs and washing area. We settled in a room with a sofa and two beds (a bed good for 2 people) with TV and DVD player and some books to read.

They also have other rooms available for everyone like,

~ Orchid Deluxe small duplex cottage suite

Orchid Hotel Superior rooms

~Bougainvillea Hotel Standard room

~Barkada Lounge 

For rates of these rooms please click here. VBR also offers monthly rates for their rooms with meals included in it please click here

They also have conference and function rooms for events, 

 For sports enthusiast, you could also avail their basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, table tennis and play with your family and friends. You could also rent their mountain bikes and available motorcycles. You could also have a bus and a car rented to have a tour from Malbago to Bogo.

We were also served with these simple yet very great meals that gave nourishment to enjoy our stay there. The restaurant has bunch of things offered in their menu from Filipino foods to Filipino-American and American dishes. And their bar could offer you some drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks).

For late lunch, Pancit bihon and Calamares were served for us. I could still remember the crispy Calamares we had.

For dinner we had Pinoy style pork Adobo and Chopsuey (Great hungry stomachs from swimming: D)

And for our brunch the next day, we had Eggs and Pancakes with butter and syrup. Plus the coffee bought a smile to the kids face: D

 Be startled and be amaze with this place, It's found in Cebu and it's one of Cebu's best kept secrets. Be closer to Mother Nature and alleviate all the stress events in your life. Soothe and discover this place with your family, friends and love ones. Relax and assuage yourself, rejuvenate and enjoy here in Virgin Beach Resort. Your tropical paradise.

My company enjoyed this trip (Some of my friends missed this one ~Sorry Justinne, Sonny, Danikha and Minnie). And so do I :D

Life is a long run, so enjoy it while you can. Have it lived happily and be remembered because you did your work well. And for Virgin Beach Resort, thank you and God bless. TWO THUMBS UP FROM BIGFOOD ♥

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 My food adventures are your food adventures too!



Joyceren Miyah Genobaña. 

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  1. nice beach!!!!! there are a lot of beaches in the country!!!! i want to go on a vacation now!


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