First food challenge :)

Stress, Boredom, sleepless nights, yawning & daydreaming that's how I describe school. But then life is always like that we can't just change anything to the things that we think are better. Life is bitter I guess, a friend always tell me that. After the stressed looooonnnnngggg days it's time to enjoy :)

My friend/ classmate/ Babe for food/chef - Justinne Lou Go.

Justinne or i fondly call her "ineng" invited me to join a fantastic burger challenge at Dong Juan Cebu a Restaurant which serves more of yummy slash delicious comfort foods.


All you need to do is eat a pleasant and yummy Double Spicy patty burger and beat the current time, 2 mins and 40 seconds. That's kinda easy to think but that challenge opened  my bumpy food melting heart to reach out  and join of course. I do have a big appetite for food, I could eat anything as long as my stomach can digest it and make me absolutely full and happy :) 

The challenge started last October and will end this 30Th of November. I'll take the burger challenge at Dong Juan mango one branch tomorrow afternoon actually. Babe For Food gave me an advise to jog for awhile or do some sporty activity that day so that it could make me hungry and crave out for something. Due to the excitement of joining the challenge. I terribly missed the Burp Burger in school, been in suffer of not eating a burger meal for a week because if this challenge.

I'm excited and tremendously nervous about it, what if i can't finish this thing ??  

                                                    ( picture by Babe for food)

Think positively!, I can do this even if I'm a girl, I'm a girl of billion things, I'll try my very best to finish it in least time as possible. Keep your fingers crossed for me please :) 

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