Unsuccessful- teary eyed- But HAPPY :)

The day of my burger challenge has finally arrived,

Last Sunday November 27 at around 4:20 PM, i arrived at Dong Juan One mango branch craving and nervous. As I pushed the door to enter, the shaking of my nerves inside my body was growling differently. When I came in, I see the good aura of the restaurant. Paintings on the walls and even the Catholic spirit of the Cebuanos where present, I found a Sto. Niño placed at the corner of place near the cashiers table.  

The Place is Gloomy, and cozy good place to chill while filling up your hungry stomach :)

I was very nervous and my heart was pounding very very very much maybe because of the mixed emotions- excitement, thrilled, craving and tension. But then it passed all the while when the waver was placed on my table readily for me to sign up, 

( the unfilled waver that laid all the rules) 

(after a few minutes of scanning and filling)
After signing the Waver, I was waiting for Natasha to come and cheer for my Burger challenge. I was alone for a while so what would I expect for myself? Silence of course :) Few minutes later, At last NatNat came along and I began to be talkative, we are talking how excited i am. The truth is Sunday is always my CHEAT DAY- so going to Dong Juan I am not that Hungry, I didn't had the time to jog, or do some exercise that day, Laziness filled me and sadness had overflown.

Let's go back to my challenge, I am the first female challenger who took the challenge in One mango Branch. Fantastic one dude, I am the only brave girl who wants to join only on one mango. One of the female chef's in Dong Juan prepared this appetizing, Flaming, ravishing Dong Juan Double D' Burger :) This is my first Man v Food challenge, Adam Richman, you are my inspiration :) Go!

I was Shocked! Oh God, seeing the basket made he bloat, I was freakin and more nervous when the waitress placed the burger in front of me. I was thinking if i could really finished it in lesser time but i really don't know--- BLANK >.<

I examined the burger and it was very big. The first thing that popped my mind was to go home or go somewhere else, hahahaha, the time started it deed!! Hoo Iwas eating very slowly but then, I was half way from it, I told them to stop the time because I can't take the chili paste anymore, It makes me wanna spit out all I ate. Chili paste on my fingers, on my face and on the basket. My tears wanna fall down and my sweat were larger than usual. The Challenge is done it is done :) And now my heart was happier, and my tummy is now FULL.

(me and natnat after the challenge)

I am very happy :) very much, after the challenge I realize that i'm not good in food challenges, I am a girl and I can't beat the ability of the boys in eating, I could eat a lot but it would take me a longer time. But then it was a fun experience :)

Natnat had dinner with me she had Dong Juan Bacon Cheese Burger,

Nat? vacuumed? HUNGRYY?

To the owners that held a big welcome and wrapping arms who let me in into the burger challenge, to the food servers at Dong Juan One mango branch, to the people who watched, and especially to Natasha Yap, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Thank you much more, Than a greeting can say, Because you were thoughtful, In such a nice way! To natnat. dude i can pay you with something better, thanks for doing this favor and going with me :)

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