Heap for a start ••• Red Mango

I'm not into ice cream or any frozen cream products, I really don't know why but my appetite is not too open for those frozen delights. But It makes me happy to have some. 

We passed by Red Mango, in Ayala to have cups of happiness. They have a wide selection of toppings to choose to further embellish the taste and make it have a pleasant wholesome look for their costumers. 

Red mango at topmost floor of Ayala, entrance from the terraces 

Toppings, can't barely choose what's yum :)

The prices of froyos aren't cheap at all that's all i could say, S-Family ( 80-125 pesos ) plus toppings ( 20-40 pesos ). But i guess red mango is one place you should visit to discover at least the pleasure of buying and satisfaction once in a while ;) 

My friend started to love this shop when  her cousin bought her here to try. After that she ridiculously loved these froyo's at red mango. Both of us had small plain froyo, me with a single topping ( banana nut crunch ) and she had two ( Blueberry and cheese cake ). No fruit syrups for me that time, I'm prone into having tonsillitis, too bad for me isn't?   

Plain froyo+ cheesecake+Blueberry=Jillian's choice

Plain froyo+ banana nut crunch= Jm's choice

My friend enjoyed it so much, it's her favorite combination as she always say :) she love it that way and she always crave for the kicking taste of froyo's at red mango. 

The place is big enough to hold friends going out together for some small chitchat or just to stop for a while after a movie from the cinemas. Cute chairs and wide sofa's. 


The cool place had it's best, cozy, beautiful and simple. That time when we are staying there gladly it rained, rain is my favorite thing that our God created, it just makes me strong, it always reminds me that there's always a rainbow after the rain. That there's happiness after sorrow, Laughter's  after tears, Another day tomorrow and ALLOWANCE AFTER SUNDAY :) kidding :) That day, the stress went off thanks to my friend for bringing me there. There are a lot to come, I know that.

Empty cups <3

the outside view from red mango- it was raining that time :)

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