Christmas Cheap treats :)

HOHOHOHOH! Christmas is fast approaching, For us Pinoys Christmas is the most happiest and most treasured day or event every year. Gift's symbolizes Christmas, and gifts spells money. Money to buy gifts for family, friends, classmates, old classmates, relatives, niece, grandchildren cousins to your best friend, neighbor, church mates, and even for your pet. A lot of money to be given away. 

I passed by Robinson's super mall at Gen. Maxilom mango ave to wait for my friend Natasha Yap to go with me to my burger challenge when I saw these pile of affordable sweet things or chocolates, imported and very yummy. 

It had some of my favorite one's - Hershey's, toblerone, && Samba :)

They also have these native food sealed in colorful boxes that comes in colors- green, silver, blue, gold and red. Fun to look, it's looks very simple but elegant. Have it to be gift's to your friends.

Start your Christmas preparation, it's 24 days before Christmas now, hurry on and drag around to your favorite shopping malls and search the gifts you wanted to give to your friends. But be sure not to spend a lot to it, have a happy Christmas everyone, so sad, I still need to save for the gifts of my friends :(

Advance Merry Christmas to you Foodies! have a great one :)

(sorry for the pictures, it's really hard stealing pictures in malls and supermarkets :) )


  1. A Hershey's 6-Pack and Toblerone, perfect! I'll probably be like a kid in a candy store, literally. Thanks too for following my blog and Merry Christmas!

  2. Pretty sure, they are all people's all time favorites :)
    Merry Christmas the food dude :)
    thanks :)


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