3/52 Streetwise, Streetfood

Hello food friends, Ohh yeah I'm on week three now. And this week was a heck busy, PE practice for our Sinulog dance which serves as our midterm exam. The crazy thing is that, Sinulog is very over but my teacher urges that we will present a Sinulog dance interpretation.  That's pathetic, cursing my teacher like that. We just finished our dance today and we need to present our dance on Tuesday that's 2 days from now. arggghhh. Midterms week is fast approaching I really have a lot of stuffs to study starting tonight. 

After the tiring practice Me, Justinne/babe for food ( i Love calling her ineng) Joesph ( we call him pepe ) and Art ( he is Le art according to pepe ) decided to have Ginabot near Redemtorist Church in Camputhaw, Cebu city.  Ginabot is one of the best street food that spells one of the favorite food among Cebuanos and Cebuanas. Ginabot is popularly found in pungko-pungko in Cebu, well pungko-pungko is also one of the best food place to experience in Cebu. Ginabot is the Cebuano term of Chicharong bulaklak which is made up of pig intestines that are salted and when they are deep fried they formed into a flower like shape. 

With the small money we had in our wallets we still did enjoy our complete meal together with bright smiling faces. Every piece of Ginabot cost only 8 pesos paired with a 2.50 per piece of puso. The special secret if Ginabot is that, it's  really good with it's spicy sauce dip made up of White onions, chili and suka, the one who sells the Ginabot makes the sauce in front of you. In eating, no plate/utensils are used, we only use plastic to cover our hands and plastic where the Tindera/Tindero puts the Ginabot after slicing them into small pieces for easier way of eating them. The price won't really bother you, according to Ineng, Cafe Laguna also serves Chicharong Bulaklak for like 200 pesos, It's no cheap at all!!! compared eating in a Pungko-pungko where Ginabot originated nothing can compare to it's yummmmminess! 

We hadn't took some pictures, no one bought a cam, but we are planning to go back there and enjoy more. That's what Ineng and Pepe said. but here are some pictures I got up from the internet for you just to see what is a Ginabot,



(Source: Google.com)

(source: Google.com)

2 pcs Ginabot, 5 pcs puso and 1 Mountain dew 
SPENT:42.50 pesos


2 pcs Ginabot, 4 pcs puso, 1 Mountain dew
SPENT: 40 pesos

INENG(babe for food):

2 pcs Ginabot, 3 pcs puso, 1 Mountain dew
SPENT:37.50 pesos


3 pcs Ginabot, 5 pcs puso , 1 Mountain dew
SPENT: 51 pesos

See how my friends have big appetite. They're cool :)


  1. Grabeh, memorize jd ang na gasto for each person! Hurot ako bilib! hahaha! GINABOOOT!

    Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

  2. Hahaha i know right, Thanks neng :)))) You ate a lot too, but pepe jod ko mas bilib hahaha :)


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