4/52 Best for the best.

Carcar city a found place to enjoy one of the best lechon here in Cebu, got some of it! Hmmmm Last sunday was a good family day, We went to Moalboal fourth municipality from the 3rd district part of Southern Cebu. Moalboal was made famous because of its classy white sand beaches, diving spots and other water adventures. I could say that Moalboal is renowned to be a good tourist destination for both local and foreign nationals. Its vast coastline and really wonderful white sand beach plus the underwater secret paradise would really make you fall in love with it. Moalboal is approximately 90 kilometers from Cebu city for about 3-hour drive. But from my place, I only live in San fernando and we only took 2 hours to get there. You won't really notice the time while you are traveling, the green mountains that would really sparkle onto your eyes. The clear blue skies that reflect the gloomy horizons and breathe of very fresh air would surprise and resemble your soul and your heart and makes you realize how God made all possible for living and for enjoyment.

On our way to Moalboal, we decided to buy Lechon from Carcar public market, sad thing is,  I don't have pictures in the market scenario, i left my phone with my mom and hadn't took out pictures but i have pictures of the Lechon that we bought. 

What is a lechon? 
- A lechon is a suckling pig in bamboo poles roasted over live charcoals. (It’s my own interpretation on how Lechon is prepared) 
-It actually originated in Spain.
-It is roasted and stuffed with some special herbs and spices.
-It is done until the skin turns reddish brown and the flesh becomes tender. 

Lechon is really good with Atchara also spelled as Achara or Atsara. This serves as a side dish, it is made up of pickled unripe papaya, carrot,ginger, bell pepper, and onions, mixed with vinegar, sugar syrup and salt. 

My pictures of lechon Carcar, i know you can't see it clearly, I was to excited to swim that time so, haven’t pictured it well.

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