8/52 Teenagers could be kids again.

As a teenager, I'm always bumped into school and school works. Students know what I feel. >.<  I'm not a school buddy nor a classy one. I'm trying to be good at it, hardly though but at least i survived the last few years and keep on fighting for more. School is heck but there are times in school that moments blast up because fun and happiness is there booming us up. Like what we did in our major subject in school. We had a children's party, Oh oh, teenagers turned into happy kids. Party hats, Lute bags and Food is there to complete the simple children's party. With the guidance of our teacher we made it to be a successful one. it was a class activity so the class was divided to do certain task like, Preparing the table (Skirting, Table appointments), Food, Games and prizes. I was in the group who prepared the games and the prizes, We enjoyed at least two games (we actually prepared 5 games but the time was racing with us, so bad we can't fight against it) The marshmallow game jived out the crowd.  

Awesome participants

Happy friends :)
Bubble faces :)
Don't cry baby justinne :)

We also played trip to Jerusalem with a little twist, It's trip to USC with bring me game. Hahaha with the name of the game you would actually get how it's done ;)

Next is the food, We had Chicken, Spaghetti, Fries, Fruit cocktail drink(With fresh oranges, watermelons and apples)  and red velvet with cream cheese frosting for our dessert. All of these food on our menu was prepared by 2 merged groups (justinne's and emerald's) 

Chicken :0 

Red velvet <3

Happy faces, Oh kids playing around :)

 Thanks for this friends and to Ms daff who helped us with this. I felt I was a kid again, Feeling so young, happy and FREE :)

Ms daff (center)


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    1. Thank you for the great compliment. Have fun reading :)

      Big Food :)


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