7/52 Loving on valentines

I might not have the perfect relationship in world [of course how will I have if I don't even have a Boyfriend >.<] But, Whatever, I still have these cool friends and people to spend valentines with. My chemistry lab classmates and especially my teacher pushed through to have a class valentines date at school. We had pizza, well I really love pizzas, even they are full of calories they still fit into my appetite, and I could really eat any kind of pizza as long as it looks appetizing and taste good. 

I was in charged of collecting the money chipped in by my classmates. We bought this mouth-watering 36" Hawaiian pizza from Calda's, one of the famous pizza chains who offer big thin crusts pizzas in Cebu City. I see their pizzas big and good. I'm always a fan of thin crust pizza like in Shakey's and Handuraw's I should write one soon, about handuraws Pizza found in Lahug Cebu. 

We had the perfect Valentines Day celebration with our pizza, some chips, Soda and the smiling faces of my cute classmates. Not to forget our cute teacher. 

I wasn't able to took some pictures, Actually, I only had one 

Well good that Justinne Go/ babe for food wrote about this-us on her blog. Just check it out :D

Babe for food- http://babeforfood.blogspot.com/2012/02/pizza-valentines.html

Calda's Pizza has different variations of pizzas, Calda flavor, Hawaiian, Bolognese, Filipiniana, Pepperroni, Roma, Veneto, Quatro Stagione. 
Size choices: Regular[10"], Family[15"], XL[20"], Super[30"], Xtrasuper[36"]
Price rages from 150-1300 Depending on size and flavor. For more info, check this out.

Contact numbers for Calda's Pizza:

Lahug, Cebu City - 032-2330167
Talamban, Cebu City - 032-5130933
Mango Avenue - Cebu City - 032-5112688

MC Briones - Mandaue City - 032-5111993
Basak, Mactan - Lapulapu City - 032-4951117
Consolacion - Cebu - 032-3468777
Minglanilla, Cebu - 032-5121565
Pardo, Cebu City - 032-2732165

Remarkable days of my life, These memories will be my carved in my heart forever. Thank you classmates, Thanks Ms Eguna  :D

Remember that valentines day was not only made for lovers out there. So be happy if you have friends who would really help you when you are in need. 


  1. I agree. Valentines isn't only for couples! Food is love! :D

    Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!


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