10/52 Beef at CHOWABUNGGA :)

CHOWABUNGGA, Another found restaurant where to spend good times with the ones you love. 


Class days are now finally over, To chill for lunch, Tasya decided to eat at Chowabungga Mango ave. branch.            

I had this wonderful Chowa beef bowl, The serving was quite small but the taste was great and fulfilling. The thin slices of premium beef simmered in  Japanese broth served over a steaming bowl of rice and yasai itame (That's what their menu says :P)  left a great kick on me though, I wish they served it with more rice , cause the beef was a lot, I really noticed. 

Chowa beef Kicks for only 70 pesos (excluding your drink) YUM

The place itself greets a warming melody as you go inside, The chairs and tables seems so quite but beautiful. 

Chowabungga is a "self-service" restaurant, They still prepare your food so, Patience is needed. For me service is good, we waited for less than 10 mins then our food was already served hot on our table. They also have these "pamachows" (served with sinangag gift wrapped in 2-egg omellete, Toci,Tapa,long etc.) Silogs as what pinoys call them. 
Chowabungga also serves Chinese,Korean,Indian,Mexican and Japanese dishes so you better try it out sometime :)

Chowabunnga also have these pinoy desserts like halo-halo (special,75 and regular,55), Banana ice(30), Mais con yelo(40), and Chocolate cake(40)

We had mais con yelo good cooling for a sunny day :)

Chowabungga Mango ave branch opens 5:00 Pm to 2:00 Pm Mondays-Sundays.

Other branches: 
                   Asia town I.t park, Lahug
                   Mango avenue, Gen. Maxilom

Waiting for the food :)))
Cool door for a restroom 
Combo meals :)))


  1. when i eat at chowabungga in IT Park, i usually order their katsudon. :) my personal fave.

  2. wow i didn't remember i commented at your blog wayback my old name hahaha... i tried their beef bowl and wasn't disappointed.


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