11/52 One FUN way to eat your burger

I am a fast food junkie; I know i have to admit. Maybe because I'm racing against time as always.  I'm a big fan of McDonald's (MCDO) because of three reasons that me myself could see, feel and discovered, 1st: MCDO crews are trained to be Customer-oriented, (they love their costumers), 2nd: Great food taste, lastly: good food at value prices. 


Ray Kroc started it all when he bought the franchise of a small burger joint by Dick and Mac McDonald. He opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Now McDonald has more than 30,000 restaurants (fast food chains), serving nearly 50million people over 119 countries everyday, making it the number one quick-service restaurant(fast food chains) in the world

In the Philippines McDonald's has grown to become one of the leading fast food chains with close to 300 branches nationwide.

Before, back when I was young I really love eating in fast foods because of the kids, the play area and yummy food. But now I'm in college I already learned that frequent eating at fast food restos will be so unhealthy for me, so i try often times to lessen the fast food goodies intake. But I still love MCDO like a kiddo :)

My FUN way of eating my MCDO burger:

First go to the nearest MCDO burger joint in your place. 

Keep calm and say Hi with a cute smile to the crew.


Open your burger.

Open :)

Spread some Heinz tomato ketchup on your burger.

Heinz tomato ketchup theory:

Did you know that your common McDonald's ketchup packaging are numbered from 1-8? You can see it at the tear here part of each packet. 

I really don't know the real reason of this. But according to my food analysis, These numbers refers to sweetness and sourness level. 1 is the sweetest and 8 is the sourest. 

Do some of your squeeze :) 

And lastly, Take a bite, Enjoy every calorie :)

Few last facts:

One MCDO burger contains 250 calories
One MCDO cheeseburger contains 300 calories
Mcdouble contains 390 calories 
Big mac contains 540 calories 
MCDO quarter pound with cheese contains 510 calories
Fish-o-Fillet sandwich contains 380 calories

MCDO branches in Cebu city:
-MCDO Cebu, Esmu blgd. Osmeña blvd. cor Arlington pond, Cebu City.
-MCDO Cebu I.T park Asiatown.
-MCDO Cebu Sykes 
-MCDO Fuente Osmeña Cebu.
-MCDO Ayala 3rd floor.
-MCDO Escario Cebu.
-MCDO Cebu South road.
-MCDO Cebu Tabunok.
-MCDO JY square Lahug Cebu.
-MCDO North road Mandaue .
-MCDO Sm city Cebu.

Enjoy your every bite :). Calories are worth a fun at McDonald's LOVE KO TO <3



  1. quite interesting pero why burger ra man uie...
    tsk.. hahaha
    apila sad ang other food sa McDo!

    1. Hey! haha I wanna focus man gud sa one thing lang. Soon i'll blog about it nya! pohon :)

  2. Wow, that's an interesting note on the catsup sachets, will check that next time! Great post!

    1. Yea, I don't really noticed those before. Then a friend told me about her "theory" about it so we had an eperiment, Then we really tasted the difference :) Thank you The food dude.

      With Food love from Bigfood:)

  3. i only like cheeseburger, fries and nuggets from mcdo :P

    1. I like them too, Not too much of the nuggets, Haha. Love eating fries and I miss them now.

      BIGFOOD :D


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