13/52 Big serves at Sbarro

The career don't say anything, If a man's hungry he should eat. Oho going on with a hungry stomach, I went to Ayala to hangout with a new friend. Both, we choose to eat at Sbarro, 

Sbarro serves  European, French, International and Italian classes of Pizzas, They specialized in Pastaa, Pizzas and Salads. 

The place could ever tell what's the big BOOM inside, The atmosphere of Italian scene could be viewed from then and there. The attendants and crews were attentive and pleasing. They really attain your needs. 

Open that big menu

Every time I passed by Sbarro in Ayala I could always see a lot of Cebuano's who are fanatic of their BIG serves. They weren't cheap at all, But the food is one worth paying for.  Remember that you are what you eat so, what you eat should make you full, that's the important thing :D

For one big bite, I had Hawaiian and Daryl had Chicago supreme. 

This mouth-watering delight totally empowered that lowly energy I had after seeing my grades. With some orange soda, my meal was complete. That was once enough for one good dinner with a new found friend. I had one good burp of full satisfaction, and surely I'll be coming back soon to know and eat more.   

Some more desserts?

Start having fun at Sbarro Ayala located at 2nd floor near Timezone Ayala. Great food and great fun.


  1. Hmmm... new friend huh... who's this daryl? :))

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

    1. Shhh, haha Neng, Friend, new found friend. Friend lang, no more, no less :P


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