14/52 Chicharon sa CARCAR

A glory could be found in Carcar a small city in southern part of Cebu, Carcar city hold's one of the best Chicharon in Cebu. Due to it's freshness, Crispness, and Cheapness. 

What is Chicharon:

Chicharon are pork cracklings that are deep fried with a little amount of salt. It's best to pair with vinegar and side dish for Lechon Baboy. Chicharon is also best for pulutans. 

Carcar City could be reach taking SRP from the city of Cebu, An hour and a half drive is enough. This landmark tells you that you are in the right place. 

This area is called the parking rotunda, this is where the road to Barilli to the southeast and Argao straight to Santander to the southern part separates. This place is also the place where multicabs and chappy cabs that could bring you to closer places in short time, parks their vehicles in an allotted parking area near the public market. 

Around circling the area there are small establishments and stores that are serving both local and foreign consumers. Small or big they still contribute to the rising economy of the City. 

You could avail some chicharon from these authentic sellers who've been in the business  for several years. 

Matmat's Chicharon owned by former Mayor Patrick Barcenas. 

Luis Chicharon


Winnie-Opling's Chicharon

Saling's Chicharon

There are so also people who carries a small basket full of Chicharon and other delicacies in Carcar to be wandered around. They came fast approaching to private cars and buses having  a quick stop over. 

Everyone needs to earn, "strike the iron while it's hot" Trademark in the field of business. 

Carcar's chicharon sails to be one of the best in Cebu, they make it less salty and more fresh because they really pack it in front of you. 

If time comes you'll visit some places in the southern part of Cebu, Never forget to pass and taste the crispiness of Carcar's chicharon. 

Carcar's best chicharon price ranges from, 20 pesos to 600 pesos depending on sizes and where will you buy. 



  1. Man, I remember this place, awesome chicharon! I remember sampling the chicharon on each of the stalls, and I had so much! Fun times!

  2. Carcar definitely has the best chicharon. The owner of Matmat's Chicharon is my dad's schoolmate. We always buy there whenever we visit our relatives in Carcar.

  3. kagungkong na sa amo-a sa bohol hehehe.

    for more tips on hypertension, try eating carcar's chicharon with carcar's lechon! siguradong ti-urok jud! hahahaha...

    kada labay namo'g carcar, palit jud mi anang chicharon uy.


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