15/52 Place for yourself at Cofifi

 The first time I heard the name of this coffee shop I was intrigue and amazed at the same time. One of the cutest names I've heard, Cofifi  <3 owned by Tiffany Rosito Ong Yiu 

Place outside :)

Cofifi had its second anniversary last march. As we entered Cofifi with Georgan and her taekwondo coach Richard, I felt the cozy ambiance of the place, The place was right enough for people who forms study groups, people who wants to chill and waste their time, Meeting up your crazy barkada's and one place to have one cheap cup of coffee. Yea, Cofifi cafe offers different kinds of Espressos; Ice blended drinks, Teas and breakfast in very reasonable price. Compared to other well known coffee shops that had stand on their own grounds for several years ( eg. Starbucks, Bo's, UCC,) my pocket won't run out in here :) 

There were only seven people plus the three of us when we arrived at around 5pm, two groups were studying so we need to make our voice low not to disturb them, and others were just hanging alone enjoying the free WiFi usage of the cafe. I enjoyed the WiFi too, they have a good connection and that's awesoooome :) 

Choose what you want

The only pastry left
Condiments area.

They really inserted an effort in their interior, The cute lighting braced people having light smiles on their faces, Air-conditioned place, The comfty chairs with pillows, high chairs if you are alone and don't wanna sit in the mid of people plus the table where you could lay down all your study materials and to mention the good service they offer. They also have these bar type set-up of their high chairs near the prep area where you could watch the crew preparing the coffee of others as you enjoy sipping your coffee. Ms. Tiffany, GREAT INTERIOR :) 

hanging pictures like a laundry CUTTEEE :)

The place we stayed


Chairs and tables for two <3

Comfty seats outside

High chairs for lonesome people

I had one Caramel macchiato grande 

One big cup :)

Georgan had Iced-blended Mocha 

And Richard had Iced white chocolate mocha 

Price of the items ranges from 50-100 pesos, if you want some add-ons like extra whipped cream that will only cost you 20pesos. CHEAP AND AMAZING :) You could find Cofifi at Treehouse Bldg, Aboitiz St. just beside STC's bck gate, near Calda's pizza. 

Like them on Facebook :) http://www.facebook.com/cofifi

I had one great day at Cofifi and I swear i'll be coming back to try their teas, SOON :) 
Brace and don't be afraid to try, If you are alone, I could go with you just say and approach me. I will be happy to enjoy cup of coffee with you :) 

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