Days are running so fast, and it's almost mid of May. I enjoyed my vacation making some baked stuffs for people, and going out with some old friends. I'm a home buddy now and it makes me sick :( 

13th of May every year, we celebrate Mother's day. It's one day, special one to just remember the woman who gave birth to us. They are awesome, they will love you no matter what happen. They will give every little thing that you need, They're just there, They will never change :)  

I got an order from a friend, she ordered some personalized Mother's day cupcakes for her biological mom and her Tita whom she treat like a mother too :)

 Dark moist chocolate cupcakes with special Mother's day touch for her :) 

Ahooooooo <3

Mom and I bakes together, it's one of our mom-daughter bonding. We can do it when she's not busy. I learn from her, Before when she bakes I used to get the mixing bowl and scrape the sides to get some of the uncooked batter :) Back when I was still a kid.

On Sunday I'll be making some for my Mom, Lola and Tita too. They are just the best. I love you MOM :) 

Heart mom <3

Don't forget to greet your mom and thank her for every little thing, We are here because of them :) 

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