18/52 Yogurt info

I'll share some tech info's about YOGURT, It's one of my favorite snack. Compared eating some ice creams, or donuts, yogurt is better :) 

Yesterday I was at the grocery to buy some food stuffs, I passed by the cold drinks area and grabbed yogurt for some cool good snack. Went home and ate my yo :) 


Yogurt is good because it's easier to digest than milk, Yogurt can boost immunity,( it's good not just for adults but also for kids ☺) Yogurt is rich in Calcium ( Good for your bones ). Yogurt is a good source of protein 

Yogurt is just too good to resist and forget, Lactose Intolerant? You can just get yogurt :) Some people get this especially those who can't digest the natural sugar in milk, Yogurt digest easily because of those healthy bacteria in it. But the best thing about yogurt is that, it has live active cultures that makes your tummy just so OHH HAPPY :)  Yogurt also keep your heart healthy by lowering your blood pressure and fight some infections. I need this because it can help me loose some weight. 

It has at least 1.25 bilion live microorganism

It's good to read the label :)

Yogurt is yummy and good, It help you in it's own little way. Just one cup everyday and that's enough :) 

Consume before the date!!

What's good about Nestle, They already developed different flavors of yogurts available in the market. They also have these Jelly+yogurt cup and I already tasted it before, It's a good combo, :) 

I'm a fan of Fruit yogurts and yogurt drinks but I'm not just into froyo's or Frozen yogurts, I already featured one before from Red Mango in Ayala. Froyo's seems to boom out at the food industry of Cebu racing with Milk teas. Froyo's are simple and good but not the kind of food that i'll be looking forward that I could really eat everyday. I'm contented by the sweet cool taste of it, It's enough for a person like me :) 

I want some more :'(

I hope I extended some info's to you,Go to your fav supermarkets and grab some.  Yogurt is good, try it :) Just one cup a day and you are good too. Enjoy the good bacteria's :) 


  1. i totally miss having good food and yogurt altogether! With my busy schedule i find myself doing more fastfood than ever :(

    glad to see another food blog from Cebu!


    1. Thank you Eden for reading this post, There are a lot of restaurants here in Cebu who makes good dishes with yogurt. That's healthier than fastfood goods, I'm a fast food junkie and I know how bad that feels :/

      Well hope you'll have some time to enjoy the food you wanna eat.

      With love.

  2. I love it. Fave ko mango, buko-nata, ube langka & strawberry. I freeze it before eating and super yummy. I don't drink milk kasi so this is a good alternative!

    1. It is! indeed so yummy <3.
      I' try freezing them too before i eat them. Thanks for passing by :D

      BIGFOOD :D

    2. do try the new one, strawberry yogurt with mallows & kitkat bites!

    3. O! I should really try it soon :D Thank you :D


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