32/52 Milk Tea at SUMO SAM!

Milk teas are still alive and kicking in the food industry of Cebu and BigFood is not yet over about her Milk tea Cebu hop. We all know that there are a lot of (when I say a lot" It's found anywhere!) Milk tea cafe's around Cebu. Some people might not know that milk teas are also available in some known Japanese and Chinese restaurants in Cebu (I actually featured one from Dimsum Break before). 

So Sumo Sam (Combined "Sumo=Wrestler" and "Sam=Kuya Sam") is a Japanese-American fused restaurant in Cebu which could offer you their wide array of Japanese dishes that could suit the Filipino families from kids to the elderly ones. 

Photo by Sumo Sam

I had Winter Melon Sanjuro. 

The liquid part of my drink was commendable, balanced tea and milk. But the black pearls where a lil bit dry and not that sweet but they were soft as usual (I really love soft Pearls for my teas) so over all, Sumo Sam's milk tea was admirable and good. 

Milk teas available for the season:

Strawberry Sakura, Mango Yakult, Sesame, Yojimbo Green Tea and Choco Cream cheese with Oreo. 85 pesos each. Your choice of sinkers like Crystals, black pearls or Grass jelly additional 15 pesos each.

Photo by Sumo Sam


Try them while you can ☺

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Sumo Sam Cebu
G/F Ayala Terraces Cebu City 6000
open every Monday -Sunday 10:00AM-10:00PM



  1. Interesting flavors they have and not bad for the price! Might try one sometime. Good post! :)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Try na neng, I know nga ganahan kag pearls nga di kaayo sweet. Hee :)


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