Week thirty seems to be one of the most hectic weeks I had. Balancing the compacted schedules for Badminton, FOR SCHOOL, for family and for myself. ( And my hair needs to be cut ASAP it's been six months since the last time I visited the salon~ lengthy hair I got. ) 

It's another week of awesome food adventure; I don't really know how to express my bliss when got this invitation from someone for another feature (You'll see about this so soon guys so wait for it, another adventure as your foodie experience a blast!)   

I came from my badmin practice with my school team mates (we are actually preparing for the upcoming school Intramural's) when my high school chum Minnie Llaguno asked me out for a "Study-out/Eating/Do-nothing" 

We met up at SM but the mall seems so packed with people, So my mate and I decided to change the flow. We need to be in a quieter place for her to study and we both agreed to go to Tea Religion in Mabolo. 

Arriving with affliction, we still smiled as we go enter this small shop.


The shop's space was limited, less than 20 people can be accommodated including the outside seating. I recognized after visiting bunch of Milk tea shops around Cebu, they usually dominate the place with white paint for the interior to make the place look huge and delicate. The shop's interior color was leaded with light brown which makes it brighter and cleaner. 

White chairs and Brown tables

Outside view

 The counter was not that colossal, but it was gloomy and unique. 

Friendly Tea religion people :D

 ~the menu and something more UNIQUE :D 

 They actually used mirrors for their menu display, ~isn't it rare to see the set of things offered in a different way? Mirror way: D~

Digital projected clock
 First time to see it folks! I was astonished by this complicated simple thing (Oweeee)

The wide arrangement of teas offered in Tea religion are also things that we need to uncover. They had hot teas (White tea, green tea and super fruit tea) 
They have cold teas, yogurt teas and milk teas (Caramel milk tea, honey milk tea, Hazelnut milk tea, Chocolate milk tea, strawberry milk tea, Green honey dew milk tea, Taro milk tea, Watermelon milk tea , Coffee milk tea, Oolong milk tea, Coconut milk tea, Papaya milk tea and Almond milk tea). Milk tea M (70 peeysses) L (80peeysees)

We had Watermelon milk tea and Caramel milk tea,

The Watermelon milk tea bought goodness to my craving, Two of my favorites were joined for a good one, I was kinda hesitant at first if i'll try it or not, cause I was thinking it's not a good combination but in the later part. I ENJOYED IT ♥. The watermelon taste was there without losing the milk tea flavor.  Same as my friends disposition, she liked the sweetness of her Caramel milk tea (You could actually choose your sweetness level,~No sugar, less, more, full sugar~) and I perceive it by seeing her impression after her first sip. 

They have TEASERS  for your milk teas

☺ Tapioca balls, Coconut Jelly, Ices jelly, Almond Jelly and Grass jelly.

Want accompaniments for your teas? No problemo! Cupcakes (55 peeysees) available, Choco overload, Peanut butter and jelly, Cookies and Cream, Mango float and Red velvet. 

Want more? SNACKS (55) 

☺Veggie Dumplings, Mushroom dumplings, and Crinkle cut Fries

~we actually had fries which were good (it tasted like fries: P)

Tea religion also has these,


My chum :D

~Are you studying or what? Enjoying the WiFi? Yeeeeep! You read it right, They have WiFi, Just sharin :'D

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Crown 7 Bldg. (Beside the Gallery)
Juan Luna Ave. Kasambagan Cebu City 6000.

Mobile: 09228870050


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