Healthy Avocado dishes at Sumo Sam Cebu

Some of our fellow Cebuano's nowadays prefer to live healthier by watching what they eat and indulge their selves in lots of physical activities. We can start living healthy by eating healthy foods of course. Start your wellness by having portions of fruits to accompany your meal and a serving of vegetables too. 

But not everyone could spare some of their time just to buy fruits from markets and groceries or even do fruit picking in farms, good to know that Sumo Sam offers a lot of delightful dishes made from Avocados. 

~Did you know that, Avocados are...

Best source of Vitamin E

◘Avocados have 54% of your recommended daily value of fiber, which gives this fruit much of its fat burning abilities.

One avocado provides your body with Vitamins A, C, E, K and B6 so you can be sure you're getting plenty of body nourishments with each bite.

Could help fight, Increase protection and prevent:

♦Oral Cancer
♦Breast Cancer
♦Eye Health 
♦Lowers Cholesterol
♦ Stroke Prevention
♦Glutathione Source


Sumo Sam prepared lots of incredible and enjoyable dishes for everyone! Like more of Sushi rolls with avocados featured in four different ways like the classic California Maki with Avocado, Caterpillar rolls, Smoked Salmon & Avocado rolls and Tempura Avocado rolls. 

California Maki

Caterpillar rolls

The plated image was catchy enough for kids to enjoy this. I also did, I'm not an Avocado fan even though we had trees by our backyard. But I did enjoy this feast because it made these dishes more flavorful and palatable. 

One of the best ways to enjoy Avocado is to associate it with other dishes like your salads which could make into a good light meal. Sumo's Sam's California Maki with Avocado salad is an ideal dish for you. 

California Maki with Avocado salad
Enliven your meal with this luscious Avocado shake which was fruity impressive :) At first, I thought I wouldn't like it but classically it was pleasant and yummy: D

And for the finisher, have this sweet tasting and mouth watering Avocado Ice Cream which was presented in an Avocado shell and placed in a Margarita glass. 

The Ice cream was sweet and divine; I'm not an Ice cream person so I've got little portions of it just to recognize how it tastes. The base was sweet vanilla ice cream but the Avocado cream mixed with it made it more toothsome (Good for sweet-toothed people!)

So that was my Avocado moments at Sumo Sam. Itadaikimasu! Enjoy! :D

Sumo Sam Cebu
G/F Ayala Terraces Cebu City 6000
open every Monday -Sunday 10:00AM-10:00PM


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