33/52 MIlk Tea Cebu hop JAPENGO!

Battered from midterm exams and saw piled up of loads to do, I felt like a dummy after all. It seems that I lost my life routine and forgot all my schedules. Everything turned in then went out and my aberrant behavior showed. Luckily, I still have time to go out and chill (at least I won't get depress) 

I felt those within the midterm hell week (Who loves midterm? darn no one does I bet). This post was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago so sorry for the very very very late post (Sorry got lots of things needed to finish before I can go back writing for my blog).

I was with my High school chum Minnie Llaguno again for another afternoon wasted for nothing but EATING and we spent it at Japengo

After we had lunch, we indulge ourselves with some milk tea from Japengo. They actually have four available flavors Wintermelon, Taro, Fructose and Dark chocolate for 85 pesos each (pearls already included). 

We had Wintermelon and Dark chocolate

The milk teas we had were much simpler but the flavoring was a lil' bit overpowering and too sweet. I could not say that milk teas sold from restaurants are better than those sold from real milk tea shops because people goes to restaurants for the food and not for the milk tea alone. But I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy from restaurants selling milk teas because sometimes you also need to discover more of what a restaurant could offer you. It's like being wise on how much you spend in eating. 

So grab your Japengo milk teas now!


Robinson's Cybergate
Osmeña blvd. Cebu City

The Parkmall (near KFC)
Mandaue Cebu.

Lapu-Lapu city

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  1. Hello miss joyceren. your blog is so nice. You inspired us. we are just new in this field. :) this is our blog teastebuds.blogspot.com. hope you can visit. thanks :)

    1. Hey! You should reveal yourself! I can't open your blog. O well, thanks for passin by the way. Thanks for the wonderful comment. Keep blogLOVIN :)



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