45/52 Balot nights!

Been busy for the first few weeks of school, and absolutely left my blog out. Goes out early, gets home late (is this school?) O well, 2 more years. Sorry for the late post >.<

Do you certainly eat Balot?

Balot is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell.

Balot is a popular street food in the Philippines and Pateros in Luzon claims to be the Balot capital of the Philippines.

My friend Cessa Zapanta was a big fan of it. She’s been a habituĆ© of Mr. Balotero in Naga city.  Dragging me there one night, I got the chance to enjoy not only one but two balots, I felt like haven’t eaten balot for the looongest time! And twas heaven, balot heaven! :)

BALOT! 15 pesos each! 
Your balot night isn’t complete without some salt and vinegar with lots of chilies in it. 

Mr. Balotero sells 16-21 days old eggs, 16 is the stage were the chick inside is not old enough for its body to be fully developed. And that's the only Balot I would love to have. I've tried the 17 and 18 days old before and I remembered that was not a good experience :( 

Mr. balotero marks the eggs as to how old are they, there's a line, an X , two lines,  a dot and the 20day old doesn't have any mark. In our casual conversation while having our balots I asked him, "kuya? Why don't you use different smileys(emoticons) to mark your balots? Uniqueness.." He gave a grin and a big laugh "Ako nya na buhaton daie :) (I will do that girl)" I guess that question made sense, now there will be smiling balots :D

Here's my balot one and two! Hmmmm ♥

Hi chick! :D
Sorry, out of Focus :(
My friend enjoyed it much! See her for her fourth balot!

After our balot thing we had some sweets to ease up the balot after taste.

And that was our balot night. See you balot 16 soon! ♥


Thank you Cessa Zapanta :* Lotsofhugsloveandkisses 


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