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Last November 10, 2012, I was invited by Frank Oliva of Heart tea milk tea Cebu  to join their relaunching at  Gilt Lounge• Wine bar• Deck and Patio at Crossroads Mall, Gov. Cuenco Ave. Banilad Cebu city. Bringing  my cool friend Sonny Santos along with me, he got the boost of hardcore milk teas and awesome cocktail foods from Gilt.

Heart tea has been my fav stops for milk tea afternoons and friend chillouts. As they went through the milk tea industry in Cebu, they launched a sleeker and bolder Heart tea Cebu that will fit to the trendsetting Cebuanos. 

Their new logo represents a direction that ♥Tea is taking healthy, vibrant, hip yet affordable. Good and affordable milk tea that could please a kid. I've been an obsessed fan of milk teas and Heart tea has been part of my top 5, I could say they've been consistent bringing the "good milktea" in an "affordable" way. A certified hit for milk tea enthusiasts :)

The party was filled with  lots of people, mostly from the media industry and saw some of my cool online friends too. The event was hosted by June Rabin from Monster Radio and held with two gorgeous Heart tea milk tea ambassadresses. We were welcomed with the Basil Healthea drink, great cocktail foods and batches of Wintermelon milk teas with diff. popping add ons like the blueberry popping and the cranberry popping.

From Left to right. June Rabin, Frank Oliva and the two Heart tea Ambassadresses.


*photo not mine*
From L-R. Sonny Santos, the writer and The Sweettootheddiares
The brand launch was also coupled with the introduction of the new variance of milk tea to add up to the original tea flavours on the menu. The new and palate-tingling additions are; Caramel-Wintermelon Milk Tea, adding up a certain degree of sweetness to the classic summer-refreshing flavour profile of wintermelon, and finally the Hazelnut Milk Tea, a more exciting addition of aroma and roasted nuttiness to the regular milk tea. All variance and flavours can still be mixed and matched with the add-ons of your choice.  New add-ons are also introduced to Heart Tea’s already wide option. These are, Blueberry Popping, Mango Popping, Orange Popping, and Cranberry Popping.  All these popping add-ons, once bitten, burst with flavours of mango, blueberry, orange, and cranberry. 

Getting ahead.

Heart tea has branched out! Having the kiosk in IT park as their main one, you could also catch them at the Cebu Doctor's University, and Convergy's Banawa. A new branch will be coming so soon at the Southwestern University Cebu, fronting the Aznar Colisuem's main gate.

Whats great about their branch in IT park is,  THEY DELIVER FOR FREEEEE! (around IT park only) :D You can tweet, chat, call or text them. (Details below)


The almost epic tragedy

I'm knocked on my heels after the "I-almost-fell-down-the-stairs" scene after one waiter accidentally hit on me while I was about to take the stairs going down. At least my friend got a hold on my arm before I lose my balance. Can't bear the thought of seeing my self stumbled down there. `unpretty sad` Walking thru the exit he said, "I guess you shouldn't wear heels"... Sadly heels aren't just  for me :(


*photo not mine*
With frank olivia

*photo not mine*
He's not the knight in the shining armor but he's the lazy ass in pink who saved me from falling down ^.^

Thanks bro :) 

*photo not mine*
Smile :) 


Heart Tea Milk tea 
i1 Bldg. I.T Park Cebu City
Open every Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM 

Email: frank_oliva2004@yahoo.com

Have a great Milk tea day at Heart tea Milk tea Ü


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    1. Hi Akash! Thank you for droppin by and thank you for the compliments. Hope to see you around online :)


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