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Taking a break from writing, growing pains and from school (which is never cool ever ever ever), I've got to enjoy snacking it right the Korean way :) I'm not really a go eater for Korean dishes but I adore their Ramen, the spiciness rolls me over. #Nomnomnom \m/

 I went in with my friends Cessa Zapanta and Sam Miñoza with heads up and hungry bellies.

I've noticed this shop a year ago as I make my way to Talamban for my classes and added it on my list of food places to visit. Luckily, Cessa was planning this one out during the sembreak, "we need to go back there!" she said. So I gave this a shot, why not? It seemed to be a popular one after I saw some posts about it online and the fact that it's near my school, I don't have to pay for any fare or whatsoever :)

The interior was playful, colorful and full of ful :P JK. The chairs were chic and comfty plus the flat screen was a bliss, you can roll your eyes while having the inexpensive dishes here.

Bowled over by the Ramen  that was laid in front of us. I looked at the faces of my friends and they seemed hungry tho, so I shouldn't postpone their foodimotion (food emotion)

The Ramen was a good one, enough to feed 2-3 heads. The dish was fluently spicy and the rice cakes were good sidings, Sam and Cessa loved those while I ended up eating the Kimchi cause they just "don't like it" *Harsh

The sweet potato dish, was incredible. Twas uncomplicated and effortless but it was a good snack, better than having "Tempura" and "Kwek kwek" outside the campus.

This dish were just thin slices of sweet potato that are coated, seasoned and deep fried. Not that delicate but they were fulfilling. You can savor the crunchiness and straightforwardness of those sweet potatoes while eating it with a great smile and good friends around the table *Divine*

Thanks Samimoy and Sisa :* HugsandSweetpotatoes :*

Before and after disaster,


For a happy belly,

Ramen + rice cake siding - 130.00
Sweet potato - 60.00 

Topokki Man
#7 Rosedale place, Doña Rita village
Banilad Cebu city Philippines

Contact: (032) 345 6701
Email: topokkiman@gmail.com


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  1. its the best korean restaurant in cebu for me and the bibimbop is a must try


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