49/52 Milk Tea Float?

Being a marvelous milk tea fan (nothing beats milk tea! yey!) I've written some of the shops I've visited and found the sublime differences and uniqueness of each (go wander around my blog, you can find some posts of em)

Twas being-a-lazy-ass-day when my mom told me that Japengo has released this whatcha ma callin "Milk Tea Float" hmm, that's fresh so I allotted a day to try this one out. 

So this thing

Chocolate Milk tea float+pearls and pudding :) 

tasted like... MILK TEA FLOAT! :)

~Like the coke Float from Jollibee and Coffee float from McDonalds, it came with the vanilla ice cream floating like a glacier (Funny glacier LOL) on the liquid part of my drink.First sips were great, still enjoying the milk tea part but as the sweet vanilla ice cream continuous to melt, the liquid part becomes really really really sweet too. So you could like tell the waiter to adjust the sugar level down to 50% than the normal. (Just a suggestion ^.^) But the idea comes extraordinary and impressive. I guess its worth a try :)

I also got a try of their new flavors like the Cheese milk tea+Pearls and the Rose milk tea+Pudding. The cheese was surprisingly good just don't think that its cheese \m/

Cheese Milk tea :) 

Rose Milk tea :) 

Everything in the Food world deserves a try, so why don't you spend your hot afternoon sitting down with your milk tea float? Wouldn't it be nicer? :) But the weather seems disagreeing, Christmas is like 10 days from now, I can feel the cold air and as they say “Christmas Spirit" with children singing outside my house and the flashy lanterns and lights everywhere. Sadly, you can reserve your fantasizing thoughts for a milk tea float after Christmas :)

Advance Merry Christmas everyone ^.^

For a happy belly
Milk tea float 125
Cheese milk tea 85
Rose milk tea 85

Japengo Cebu

Robinson's Cybergate
Osmeña blvd. Cebu City

The Parkmall (near KFC)
Mandaue Cebu.

Lapu-Lapu city

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Enjoy your milk tea day at Japengo! :) 

Ciao ♥
Joyceren Miyah Genobaña.


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