51/52 Let's get bowled!

The kind of people who could really appreciate the food they eat are the only people who knows how to feed their souls. Most of the people around notice food as nourishment for them and others just don't know what they eat. I think about that every time I dine with my friends, some are full of food wisdom and some are not. I'm not saying I'm very good at food stuffs and I'm not claiming to be the best person who could describe everything about food. I see food as love, food has another world so you gotta dive in to know it. Then you'll be surprised! ^.^

Let's get bowled! 

We had a good lunch (out of plan) with my compatriots Jilllian Marie Reyes and Natasha JulietteYap at Japengo in Cybergate. Supposedly, the real plan was to eat at Flame It, but Japengo caught the eyes of my hungry friends. We can't decide what to eat (serious problem) and it took us like 20 minutes before we finally decided of what to have. We all ended with the Japengo Combo meals, California Maki and Maguro Sashimi.

The Combo meals came with rice and bottomless iced tea. While waiting for the food, conversations and funny moments came upon.

Natnat can't chill! (While waiting for food) 
We started with the California Maki (Mat rolled rice with seasoned fruit), everyone loves this! Me myself and I and you know, my friends liked them! :)

I had Katsu Donburi (rice topped with pork cutlet in special sauce)

The flavor was ultimate, sweet and savory. I liked how it did everything matched together and the serving was pretty much awesome! Had a hard time finishing it :P 

Natasha had Ten Donburi (rice topped with battered shrimp in special sauce) 

It came with some veggie fritters, Natasha had the pleasure, she said the shrimps were crispy and the sauce gave the fuller flavor of the shrimps (not spicy). 

While Jillian had Buta Kakuni Don (rice topped with grilled pork belly with teriyaki sauce)

Which made her smile she liked how smokey it was and she even wished it had more sauce on it. 
~sweetmeat! XD

In the middle of food time, Jillian's favorite sashimi was laid bold in front of us.

Natasha didn't like raw stuffs while Jillian loved these and really completed her day. All of us were gratified and very very very full. We wanted to sleep right then and there like pigs but we need to go back to school for another lonesome school day, the food helped us beat the shake of school blues! :P

Other combo meals:

Tore Teba Jo (rice topped with chicken wings in special sauce) (175.00)
Tanin Donburi (rice topped with beef and chicken in special sauce) (195.00)
Oyakudon (rice topped with chicken in special sauce) (165.00)
Gyudon (rice topped with beef in special sauce) (210.00)
Unagi Donburi (rice topped with eel in special sauce) (275.00)
Salmon Teriyaki Don (rice topped with grilled pink salmon in teriyaki sauce) (250.00)


Great moments are best shared in front of good food. Now, I'm starting to collect these moments and piggin out at the same time :)

Natasha Yap & Jillian Reyes


For a happy belly
California Maki - Php. 145.00
Katsu Donburi - Php. 175.00
Ten Donburi - Php. 169.00
Buta Kakuni Don - Php. 169.00
Maguro Sashimi - Php. 195.00

Japengo Cebu

Robinson's Cybergate
Osmeña blvd. Cebu City

The Parkmall (near KFC)
Mandaue Cebu.

Lapu-Lapu city

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