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One busy afternoon after a loooooong boring forum, Natasha Yap and I thought of having a good Friday afternoon reward. We actually argued about where are we going and what to have, "we could go to 7/11" "or we can go smores!" "We can go coffee" I suggested. until I remembered Natasha said a week ago that The Cupcake Theory opened it's first branch near SHS Hijas de Jesus.

We continued to walk and still talking bout some things that are happening around (Don't expect it to be war, world peace or even Cybercrime. We're just talking bout some "girlthing" like you know what girls usually talk about.)

Arriving there gave me mixed emotions! I wanted to grab a cupcake so that I could start the cupcake mission :)

The place was bright, dainty and inviting. The generous white paint all over makes the shop brighter and spacious The counter was full of cute decors personally collected by the owner.

They opened last November 29 2012; as Mrs. Girly Enjambre (mother of the owner) shared to me. They only wanted a cake studio where to display the special baked stuffs, unexpectedly; they got a big place so the idea of chairs and tables to settle down for a-you-and-me-time popped out of no where. 

Only four flavors are available are available for that day, “Chocolate” “Slutry, Sexy, Red”, “Cookies n’Cream” and “Mint to be” (more flavors are coming soon!) ^.^

I had the Slutry, Sexy and Red (Red velvet)

The name was very sexy :) looks comely (gimme a break red velvet! The slutry was convincing!)The lighter chocolate version was achieved, the cupcake was moist and sweet but the cream cheese frosting was much sweeter than I expected (I thought they didn't used cream cheese for it, then I ask the Mrs. Girly but she said that they are using cream cheese frosting for it.) A sweet creation made with love ♥  

Natasha had the "Mint to be"

She liked how minty it was, not too strong and not lame. We both tried each of our cupcakes and I've noticed the mint was good, now I appreciate how good mint is. This is a must-try, the chocolate part was beatific, sweet but it did balance the whole thing. WINSOME!

Life is sweet (and so do I!) and make it more sweeter for cupcake moments with some cool friends you have. Building memories are better if accompanied by food and love. So I think Cupcake theory is not just a theory, it's a shop, A COOL ONE! Yey! Hope you can drop by and spend a lil time inside while talking bout life and your longings :)

The moments.

Natasha Yap & Writer

The cupcakes and drinks;


For a happy belly
"Sluty, Sexy Red" - Php 58.00
"Mint to be" - Php 58.00

The Cupcake Theory
Ground floor, Sonrisa Suites, Suite 101,
Juana Osmeña St. Capitol site Cebu.

For orders, prices and reservations:


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