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On the evening my friend and I swung Irie Gastorpubliko in I.T park plaza Cebu, many things popped inside my head bout the restaurant. I’ve wanted to visit this place for quite some time now and given the chance after I got some GC's from raffle on twitter, off of ideas, I was just so excited to dine there.

We were welcomed by high ceilings, wooden furniture, velvet couches and hip interiors all come together to allege an appeased atmosphere for everyone. My friend and I settled on a table for two near the glass wall which gave a brighter view outside. Irie Gastropubliko is a fused pub and restaurant serving liquor and food at the same time. That's why its GastroPUBliko (food=Gastro, Pub=public) ~this place is good for payday parties with your workmates where you can eat and have few drinks from the bar while talking bout your jobs and your boss. ~WE'LL DRINK TO THAT! :D 

Twas a lil crowded Saturday payday night so I expected our orders will take time before it'll be laid in front of us so I used the time of waiting for the food to wander my eyes around the place. The place was full of cool soft music that could still allow conversations to flow. The lighting was fine and dandy, except on our side (can't get natural lighting from the room for my pics :/) 

Their menu was small and detailed, when handed to our hands we promptly ordered our food and decided to have the Angus Burger for me and the Fat Bastard for my friend. 

I had the Angus burger US Sirloin Beef and came with fries. First, the patty had this peculiar flavor not really familiar to my palate and off the beat they had it so unique that even how simple that dish was, it's incomparable. Second, the texture was really fine, not the usual smokey, crispy and very juicy one, it was something new for me and my buddy. Third, I never thought i'd ever exemplify beef as cool and refreshing as that. It just came out as a bomb :) 

My friend had the Fat bastard, Bacon greased seared pork chop with bacon arugula salad, pepper-cranberry vinaigrette and garlic rice.

Lets get this from the top, twas a real fat one but unexpectedly, the sauce brought the scrumptious flavor out from the box (hope they added more tho). Attacking the Fat Bastard which my friend earnestly shared his dish with me (this comes out that I really have a big appetite :P ) I could say that this was a typical-but-not-being-mellow, It was enough to feed the food monster hiding inside of your body. LOL! :P The serving was big (tho it required a lot of the knifing thing) and the arugula salad was sufficient :)  

I also wanna give praise to their house blend iced tea, this was also awesome:)

Hope you Enjoy your IRIE GASTROPUBLIKO experience too! :)


For a happy belly

"Angus burger"- 220.00Php
"Fat Bastard Chop" - 250.00Php
"House blend Iced tea"- 100.00Php

Irie Gastropubliko
24 hour Gastronomy/ 24 hour Libation 
Skyrise 4. Cebu IT park, 6000. Cebu city
Open 24 hours daily except Sundays
Sundays: Open 6AM

For reservations, send to

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  1. I still have not tried Irie. Bacon greased seared pork chop sounds very deadly. The prices look a bit much, but then the servings are really big :-) Will try to visit Irie one of these days.

    1. Hi Mustachio :) Thank you for droppin by, you should try tho its a bit pricey but food was good and worth a try for realllls :)


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