Friday, January 4, 2013

Au revoir 2012 Bonjour 2013!

For the past 365 days of my 2012, I was a boom, and everything that happened was proficient. For 2012, I had my 52-week food project (I survived! Alleluia!) where a post every weekend will be published (which was not true, cause can't meet the deadline every weekend) I survived and did well (I guess)

Life is endlessly delicious and for my year end post, lets go back and review all the crazzzzzzzzzzy and yummy stuffs I did for the 52 weeks of 2012.

January 2012

Food Project #1- Urge of Fish and Fire

Food Project #2- Sweet things for sweet people

→I baked and gave cookies to my friends for the holidays! Hope they enjoyed those cookies. Haha ^.^

Food Project #3- Streetwise, Streetfood!

Food Project #4- Best for the best

→Carcar's best tasting lechon! :))))))

Food Project #5- International treat in a local scene

February 2012 

Food Project #6- Extra love for little grilled ones

Food Project#7- Loving on Valentines Day

Food Project #8- Teenagers could be kids again

Food Project #9- Lets puff the puffy puffs!

March 2012

Food Project #10- Beef t Chowabungaa!

Food Project #11- One fun way to eat your Burger

Food Project #12- I'm not looking for chicken

Food Project #13- Big serves at Sbarro

April 2012

Food Project #14- Chicharon sa Carcar!

Food Project#15- Place for yourself at Cofifi

Food Project #16- Party with heart at Popeye's Grill house

Food Project #17- It's mother's day! Horraaay!

Food Project #18- Yogurt info

May 2012

Food Project #19- Milk tea? Dimsum break?

Food Project #20- The good start "pop's chick n' wings"

Food Project #21- Sunny afternoon at the Milk Station

Food Project #22- Cheap self-treat!  Moon cakes

June 2012

Food Project #23- Bon Appetea!

Food Project #24- Cure for craving! Llwes mudpies!

Food Project #25- Moon leaf!

Food Project #26- Thank you treat

July 2012

Food Project #27- Tea and Symphony

Food Project #28-Bubble bee tea house

Food Project #29- Chow down at captain A's Boodle fight

Food Project #30- The Chosun one

Food Project #31- Tea Religion!

August 2012

Food Project #32- Milk tea at Sumo Sam

Food Project #33- Milk tea at Japengo!

Food Project #34- Milk Tea at SPROCKETS!

Food Project #35- Heart Tea!

Food Project #36- Tea Serve!

September 2012

Food Project #37- Its Chatime!

Food Project #38- Sam's 50's Diner

Food Project #39- Pop's chick n' Steak

Food Project #40- The art of Japanese cooking••• Go SHIKI

Food Project #41- Pop's Chick n' steak GIVEAWAY!

October 2012

Food Project #42- Lah-Lah-Lah Claypot in One Claypot house

Food project #43- Small happy days with cupcakes

Food Project #44- Bubble Tea Station

November 2012

Food Project #45-Balot Nights!

Food Project #46-Anew and Getting ahead

*photo not mine*

Food Project #47- The Best Cebu blogs 2012

→ Best Christmas gift and the highlight of my 2012. My blog and I was nominated for the best Cebu blogs 2012 and lucky the kid, at the awards night, was one of the top 10 famous bloggers in Cebu. I've been into my blog and I know I'm giving it much attention (I wish I could give out more). I learned that if you wanna succeed, you should give at least your 100% effort on it or maybe 200% if you can.
I'll do my very best to improve and be better for myself and for my blog. I also want to Congratulate my fellow Cebuano bloggers and say thanks you to the people behind the Best Cebu blogs and their sponsors for that event.

Globe, Insular square Multiply, Diamond Suites and ResidencesGT Cosmetics, Orange Brutus, Timex, Buddies,Geiser Maclang, Starbucks, Choi City, Heart Tea, PR Works, Cebu Bloggers Society, Event Photographers Cebu, Alvin Asayas Photography,

Photo by Mr, Alvin Asayas
Famous Bloggers in Cebu

Photo by Mr. Alvin Asayas

Photo by Mr. Alvin Asayas
Cebu food bloggers! mytastefullife, foodiecraft, babeforfood

Food Project #48- Snacking it right••• Topokki man

December 2012

Food Project #49- Milk tea float?

Food Project #50- Cupcakes have attitudes••• The Cupcake theory

Food Project #51- Lets get bowled!

Food Project #52- Rex kadingan sa SRP

Cause everything ENDS. Au Revior 2012

2012 was a super duper great year for me, learned a lot of things, and survived a lot of calamities (esp the GREAT earthquake last February even though didn't felt anything inside a Jeepney and the super typhoon Pablo last December. THANK GOD I'M ALIVE!). I also wanna say thank you to a lot of people who accepted and cried with me at my worstssss and ate and loved with me much on my bestssss. To the Heavens above thanks for the guidance, To my Family and ever dearly beloved MOM thanks for supporting (Financially and emotionaly) me and accepting my shits and giving a shot on my short comings. To my childhood bestie Ashlee Chan, To my Highshool barkada the OLYMPIANS and the EL PAMILYA you are the best guys! For my college compatriots Jilllian Reyes and Natasha Yap for all the crazy stuffs, to Justinne Go of Babeforfood, Pepe Antiquina, Dian Sabella, Sonny Santos, Ragde Padin, Rafael Estorba, Emika Sangu of Infinishion and my old and new friends (you know who you are!) A lot of thank youuuusss and hundreds of kisses and thousands of tight hugs :*
To my fellow Cebuano Bloggers. 
Special thanks to Frank Oliva of Heart Tea, Christian Cuenco of Moon Leaf Cebu, Ludanielle Legarde of Japengo Cebu and Lutherese Noel Legarde of Pop's Chick n' Steak

Bonjour 2013!

Ciao ♥
Joyceren Miyah Genobaña.

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  1. Thank you for being such a sweetypie~ Keep posting your food adventures and never stop achieving your dreams! :*


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