MTL going delicious for the Best Cebu Blogs 2013

I don't really know how to start this one, but I know I have to. Hello world, I'm a food-blogger and nice to meet you :) Greetings from the Queen city of the south, Cebu city Philippines, and My tasteful life is nominated for the Best Cebu blogs 2013. Oh gosh, that was just so straight.

With my blog, I've destroyed all the walls and built bridges to bunch of people around the globe. The love for food brought me here! I love my blog, and it's been a great mate to me too. My blog understands if I can't check it every day and it'll always understand if "I got no time for ya today baby" because "there are school stuffs to work" .

My two year old blog, had brought me to become one of the "Top ten most famous blogs" in Cebu for last year's BCBA (that sounded so damn cool huh) and now I'm crossing my heart and my fingers for this year’s BCBA that'll be happening on December 7, 2013 at Avalon Bldg. Cebu business park.

Thank you BCBA for making things possible for bloggers like me, it's a great honour to be one of the finalists for this year's BCBA. And I'd also like to thank the sponsors for this year’s awarding too because they made this most awaited event for bloggers from Cebu much much much much more exciting!





Mark Monta of
Angnes Jimenez of
Bjorn bernales of
Jaysee Pingkian of
Gezelle Tapangan of
Chanel Imperial of
Eden Villarba of

And to my fellow finalists, see you there guys! :) I'd also wanna thank my readers, friends and my dear family! Love you all :* Thank you for the support for this one :)

"With my blog, I know I won't be forgotten, and with my blog people would always remember me"

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  1. Really nice site you got here. will visit for more of your updates. more power always online ;-)


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