WaterBoy: Alkaline water from the air

Fact: Only 1 percent of the water on earth is drinkable and it is shared by billions of people.
So, we should stop buying water and START making it.

This is where; WaterBoy goes “into” the scene. I should start with the question, “What is a WaterBoy?”A WaterBoyis a machine that turns air into alkaline water which is absolutely safe for human consumption. One unit (that holds up to 30 litres per day) would likely cost you 110,000 thousand pesos but the machine itself has an expected life span up to 15+ years.
“How does WaterBoy work?”

 By gathering air from the back of the machine air filter, the gathered air strikes the cooling coils which create a “Dew Point”. This means that the water in the air changes from hot to cold which causes a rain-like effect inside of the machine. This water is then collected in the sub-tank which passes through a series of four (4) filters: (1) pre-carbon, (2) post-carbon, (3) ultrafine and (4) UV Filter. All four stages ensure the cleanest, purest, alkaline water safe for anyone and everyone to drink.

Once after the filtration is completed, the water is then pumped up to the holding tank which can hold up to 13.5 liters of water.

The machine sends the water back through the four filters every 5 minutes to maintain optimal freshness and alkalinity of the product.

 The water produced has a pH of 7.9, the range which most medical professionals claim to be ideal for human consumption and health.

“Does WaterBoyhave minerals in it?”

 No, it is pure, clean, fresh, alkaline water with no mineral traces in it.

“Why should I buy a WaterBoy?”

The WaterBoyt akes you completely off the “Grid dependency”. This means you no longer depend on water from any other source.

The WaterBoy maintains pH levels ensuring you are drinking alkaline water unlike bottled water that loses its pH value in 24 to 48 hours of not drinking it.

This also means that you are getting the healthiest water on earth, that you can make in a controlled environment for about 1/10th the cost of buying 1L of alkaline water.

The WaterBoy also cleans the air in your home acting as a dehumidifier it reduces mildew, mold and allergens creating a healthier home environment.

This is very efficient with home owners and offices reporting energy costs as low as P600 per month. Trade low energy cost for security and the best water money can buy.

Output: Produces up to 30 liters per day,
Dimensions: (WxDXH): 37 cm x 48cm x 52 cm
Weight: 39.5 kg
Total water storage: 13.5 liters
Power costs: Water as low as P4 per liter OR less than the cost of one monthly modest lunch or dinner.
Refrigerant: R-134a (environment friendly)
Filter system and Safety controls:
-Auto humidity and temperature control
-Filter exchange detector
-Drainage system and automatic overload detector
Superior Design Features:
-Unique technology in Air-to-water systems for generating the best in pure and clean water available to homes and offices.
-Unique water temperature control design.
-Efficient design using fewer parts and internal connections for low maintenance.
-One low cost filter pack with reminder notices that tell you when to change the filters.
-Built in auto shut down.
-Very low maintenance ensuring little to no service requirements. 10-15+ years expected life span.
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