The wings and the wingman, Revealed!

If you have heard about DuzGrill, 10 Dove Street and Cul-De-sac, which are restaurants attached to a home inside a village, another add-up to the list of specialty restau-attached-to-a-house is Gibbs’ Hot wings. Owned by, Frank Oliva proprietor of Heart Tea Milk tea, he brings another hot, literally hot craze in town.  I know you’ll ask who Gibbs is; actually, Gibbs is the name of the Golden Retriever that Frank’s son owns, at first I also thought that it was a name of a family member but surprisingly it’s a dog, how great is that dog!

Details to remember before dining:

Location: inside Holy Family Village Banilad, Cebu City

Budget: 100 up

Parking Space: Available

Reservations: Advised

Outdoor seating: Available

Credit Cards: Not as of the moment

Store Hours: 11:00-2:00 PM (Lunch) Tuesdays- Saturdays

                          5:30-10:00 PM (Dinner) Tue-Sat

                          5:30-10:00 PM (Dinner) Sundays


Following the directions above, we came up into a small driveway one night, and saw a signage that says “Gibbs’ Hot wings”, along with Zhequia of FTW and Fhebe, we all shared a night full of hotness and deliciousness. We were guided by the Owner Frank, throughout our meal and were also entertained by him and his insane wit.

He introduced the Chicken pockets with Chicken Salad to us, we were lucky to be one of the first few people to try this dish because her wife came upon this dish few days before we went there. You have a chance to choose whether, you will fill the pockets by yourself or just let them do it for you, I’d prefer doing it myself tho, and it’s a little itsy-touchy with your food before munching it.

The Chicken salad comprised with Cabbage, Cucumbers, Onions and Tomatoes which were very fresh because all were crunchy. The chicken was crispy and chock-full with flavour. We filled our Pita breads with the chicken salad and start tasting the quest within it, I’m one of those kinds who would like to have my Pita Bread a lil toasted to add crisp and flavour and so as my friend on the other side of the table Zhee loved it that way. But, even if the Pita Bread served to us was not toasted the mishmash of the Salad and the bread was vital, raging of flavours and bursting of the sweet dressing of the Salad was rumbling inside my mouth. It actually tasted like Shawarma but the owner preferred not to compare it with that because seemingly they are different, for me, the dressing me reminded me of that Shawarma, that little bitch. Hahahaha

Next, a sexy platter of hot wings with a dip was served in front of us.

Just three things before getting a hand of these deviously delicious buddies: Wash your hands. Brace yourself. Eat sexy (with bare hands! No knives and forks!)

I’ve already tried these beautiful and hot wings before, and I should say nothing has changed, it is still the Buffalo wings I fell in love with. There is hot for the nerds and insanely hot for the freaks (in fact the hot itself is very very very very hot) it is accompanied by a Garlicky dip which I assumed is a Garlic Ranch or anything closer to it because Frank doesn’t know the name of it. You could see how the hot sauce embraces the wings so just imagine the tender chicken and innocent combination of sweet and spicy sauce assimilates and forms an army of scrumptiousness ready to fill your craving. From a scale of 1-10, the Buffalo wings from Gibbs is eleven, this is ultimate.
 He also introduced us to the newest add-up to their menu the Cream Cheese and Garlic Chicken. Tender chicken drenched with cream cheese sauce and topped with grated parmeasan cheese.

This dish was a blend of sweetness and saltiness; I’m not a fan of cheeses so I don’t really find this dish thaaaat alluring, the cheesiness was a bit over to me but I guess this dish wasn’t that bad after all because Zhee, preferred it than of the Buffalo wings.

To wrap things up in a small platter, the Chicken pockets with chicken salad is a good starter for your feast, Filipino’s as we know it, rice is good for everything so you can order one from Gibbs’ even if this is like an American turf because of the wings Filipinos can still rock the crib and enjoy the meal with our beloved carb. Lastly don’t ever leave the premise without writing around the walls of Gibb’s hot wings, you can write anything about the wings, the place and the wingman, Mr. Frank Oliva.

Atty. Ethelbert Quano named Mr. Frank Oliva as the newest Wingman of Cebu.

For a happy belly:
"Chicken Pockets with chicken salad"- P
"Hot wings"- P 175.00
"Cream cheese and Garlic chicken"- P 205.00
Gibbs' hot wings

Zhee wrote for the first time, I wrote for the second time. We'll see the charm on the third time.

 I don't own the fotos in this post. (c) Emma Zhequia of FTW blog


  1. Hahaha omg. Gigutom ko nagtanaw. Crap havent posted this one yet.

    1. Missed the Wings naaaaa huhuh gutom sad ko bitaw :/ Okay rana maka post ra nya ka #GirlPower huehuehue


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