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When you feel things go wrong and certainly not in the way you wanted them to be, change route and go head to Duz Grill. It's a place where crews and the owner/chef Alduz "Duz" Aizon makes sure that you'll feel the warmth of home.  I always wanted to visit Duz grill, in the rear of the spreading blog posts about it and I also heard a lot of great comments from friends that already  tried the place.

A home turned restaurant , Duz Grill (obviously the name was got from the owner/chef 's name)  was instituted last January 2013 but Chef Duz, already accepted "meals for delivery" even before Duz grill was born. Burgers and Ribs are Duz Grill 's house specialties keeping my imaginations off I headed to Duz to have for what I've been looking for , after the longest.

The place

No signage but this is the gate of Duz Grill.

After that blue gate, the Alfresco area at Duz 's garden will greet you the warmest hello. It was one of the sweetest I've seen and they look more mellow at dinner time, to cut this, it's just so romantic.

So this is Duz 's house, the family stays upstairs while the restaurant is situated downstairs.

As you enter Duz grill, you'll feel like a friend or a relative being invited for a little you-and-family-and-friends-time over some home style grilled ribs. The whole place was intimate and very homey and being in the home-restaurant business the whole family is in, Duz 's mother bakes the cupcakes here and she also decided the interior of the place.

LEFT: Conference area, RIGHT: "hearts room"

To the kitchen! :)

We stayed at the hearts room for better lighting, but still got loser pictures my cam doesn't wanna work with me this time  :(

Capiz shells curtain, let everyone 's head inside to turn to them every time they are touched

A tree that grows hearts, what a loving tree :) 

The food

Meat Original burger

I love burgers especially the one from Dong Juan they got my heart, my acheey breakyyy heart :P. I'm in love with burgers and I'm telling you not being bias, after tasting Duz Grill 's burger it left me unconscious. The whole package was well-thought-out and the burger carried explosive flavors dashing inside my mouth. I loved how charred crisp it is on the outside, but so meaty and juicy in the inside.

Then we also had their ribs

Original ribs

Grrrr!, Sorry for the picture camera doesn't wanna work with me I don't know what's wrong with it, I badly need a new one especially the one from my wishlist Hahaha. The Ribs, were succulent and tender, literally "fall of the bone" you won't even need a knife for this dish, the dish was so flavorful which makes me top it as the most unique ribs in town. The flavor was not the usual "flaming barbecue", it was a combination of    4S ' s -- Sweet, Sour, Smokey and a lil Spicy. Everything about the dish pretty amazed the girl, their stir fried vegetable sidings was tasty as of the ribs it seems a pleasing combination to a hefty slab of precious meat. Sorry again for the picture. :/

Their House blended iced tea deserves a mention too! And what adorable and elegant rice containers I see right there baby! :)

Duz Grill is the best place to bring your date boys, heard it right from me but be sure to reserve yourselves a space. Call ahead and ensure yourselves a table from the hearts room or a table from the alfresco area it will surely melt the heart of your love :) Tweet me after okay? :)

For a happy belly 
"Duz Meat- O burger"- 80.00 P
"Ribs- Original"- 175.00P
"Rice in Cute containers"- 25.00 P
"Iced Tea"- 35.00 P

Duz Grill 
Restaurant and Cafe 
33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village
Apas Lahug Cebu City.

Open Every single day, Lunch and Dinner
12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Cash √
Take-outs √
Deliveries √
Parking √

For Reservations, take-outs and Deliveries,

0939 9369103 or 234 4891 or 401 9012

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Just piggin out. :*

Thanks for making me a pig :* 

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