Cebu’s Best Restaurants Now Open at SM Hypermarket Cebu!

          Three of the most popular Cebuano restaurants gather at SM Hypermarket Cebu. The sumptuous meals tourists and locals have fallen in love with can now be enjoyed at their favorite hypermarket at the spur of their craving. With just a visit at SM Hypermarket, shoppers can now indulge in the traditional styles of Conching's Native Chicken, the mouth-watering barbecue of A-One Tinola ug Sinugba, and the innovative "super lechon" of Cebu Lechon Belly. These powerhouse names are the who's who when it comes to good Cebuano dining, and just like their best-sellers, their stories are just as tasty.     


Native flavors at Conching's

       If you ask around who makes the best BBQ Chicken in Cebu, there can only be one answer; it's Conching's Native Chicken. Conching's has been in the BBQ business since 1968 but, back then, it was just a small ihaw-ihaw stall selling only pork and chicken BBQ. But because it has such a unique taste, Conching’s native chicken has been selling hot since day one.

        "We always use native chicken, that's half of the secret, the rest is our family's trade secret” said Pia Layam, owner of Conching’s Native Chicken.
Today, Conching's remains to be a household name in BBQ chicken. It's one of the most popular food destinations of tourists, local residents and even renowned politicians and top celebrities. Also, since its early days in the 60’s, their menu has expanded to include crabmeat, pochero, and balbacua.                

A-One's famous Sinugba

       What started as streetfood selling grilled items and tinola at Pier Tres is now one of the most popular restaurants in Cebu. They got their name simply because their old stall was located in front of a lumber store called A-One lumber and their customers started to refer to them as A-One. Since then, A-One Tinola ug Sinugba has been Cebu’s number one destination when it comes to flavorful fish tinola and anything cooked over hot coals. Originally owned by a fisherman and his wife, they sold only the freshest catch from the sea grilled to perfection.

        Esmeralda Paca, one of the daughters of the late owners of A-One said “The sea is full of treasures. It’s really a bountiful gift we must cherish.”
Today, A-One is among the biggest seafood destinations in Cebu. People simply crave for their freshly grilled tuna, squid, marlin, and more. Of course, they still have grilled pork belly but the real delight can be found in the food they got from the sea.

The Revolutionary Cebu Lechon Belly

        Cebu Lechon Belly started in 2012 from an idea that revolutionized lechon. Heralded “super lechon” by the company, Cebu Lechon Belly is an innovation that gives people what they want. First, it’s the belly part which is very tender, it’s where all the flavor goes because of the cavity where lechoneros put spices and lemon grass, and it’s boneless; 100% goes down the stomach. Every inch of Cebu Lechon Belly is guaranteed to be as good as the other bites.

      “I admit we had a hard time at first kasi we’re in Cebu, the place famous for lechon. It’s hard to compete with the favorites but what we have introduced is something that people really want. We’re just giving it to them” said Marlon Gochan, owner of Cebu Lechon Belly.

        At first, Cebu Lechon Belly struggled a little as it went up against traditional greats but, eventually, people started to discover them and become instant fans of their lechon. Today, Cebu Lechon Belly has over 30 branches nationwide and they were the first Cebu based lechon business to ever reach Metro Manila.
Three of the most sought after restaurants in Cebu gather at SM Hypermarket Cebu making it easier for anyone who has then hankering for great Cebuano food to satisfy his craving. Now, SM Hypermarket Cebu is not anymore just for groceries, clothes, and home essentials. It’s now also where people could taste the most delicious food Cebu has to offer. All it takes is just one trip to SM Hypermarket; no more long lines and full parking lots, just great Cebuano food. Cebu’s best restaurants open at SM Hypermarket Cebu on December 17, 2014

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