IncrediEGGS! All day Breakfast at Yolk

       For someone who grew up trained to never miss breakfast like I do, each day will never be the same if I can’t have my most wonderful meal of the day. My heart leaped literally when Angeli, a great friend/blogger of invited me to try this all day breakfast place at Mabolo Cebu city. Because I’m already free from school (I had to say no to invitations for the past months because of my internship), I accepted it (I can’t say no to you Anj, hope you’re reading this!) and I gracefully danced my way to Yolk.


        80 Tres Borces Street, Mabolo Cebu City

        It was really easy to spot, and not really far from the main road, it is situated at the back of Bread after bread, a bakery. The street is quiet, there are lamp posts around and the only jeepney that will pass by the street where Yolk is located is 03A that’s if you came from Mabolo Church or from city proper. The Jeepney 04L from SM or Ayala will only pass by the main street going to Panagdait Mabolo, you can cross the street and walk a bit, you can then spot Bread after bread, beside it is the small street going to Yolk. Now if you came from Talamban or Banilad, the Jeepneys 62B and 62C will also pass by there, you can stop by The Leona’s, cross the street and still walk a bit to spot bread after bread.

         Location is only a walking distance to the Gallery and to Ayala.

Operating hours:

       Yolk, is open for all day breakfast starting at 7:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 PM. They are closed on Mondays.

Contact Details: 

You can call, (032) 231 0411 for more details.  

The Place: Wonderfully, wonderful

       I arrived at around 6PM and still the guard greeted me a great morning, all day breakfast feeling was fuelling my soul of excitement about Yolk. Dainty studio lights welcomed me as I settled on a sleek modernish wooden table and across me was Angeli of Foodiecraft, Justinne of Babeforfood and Hoven from

      Brick walls, wooden tables, and crafty decorations, including this very large world map lavished the entire space. With the effect of lights and neutral colors, this made the place cozier which made me really feel relaxed and pleased. Aside from the wooden chairs, they also have a comfty settee for 5 people where you can talk and chitchat while having your coffee, they also laid back magazines, books and placed really nice photographs within the selves attached to the wall.

That comfty style living

The Food: Hungry, hungrier, hungriest

       We started with cups of coffee, of course. I had Latte (P 110. 00), Angeli had the Piccolo Latte (P100.00), Hoven had an Espresso (P90.00) and Justinne had Cafe Mocha (P130.00). 

        My Latte was blissful, I do love my coffee black but this one sets apart from the usual latte, it was delightedly light yet indulging.  Aside from mine, I also got to try the Cafe Mocha, this was really great, it was not too strong and not too sweet if I’ll be coming back next time, for sure, and I will have this one.

(from left to right) Espresso, Piccolo Latte, & Latte)

Latte <3 

Cafe Mocha

       Chorizo and eggs in a pan (P 310.00) was the first dish to served to us, the sizzles that the dish brought excite my senses.

       To my delight, this dish was different from the chorizos I have tried before, not too salty and it was aided with basil too which makes it more special. It was amazingly good with the eggs, and it was better to pair up with toast and salad than garlic rice. Well, that's for me but Homos who are great rice eaters, a cup will never be enough. 

        This is the all beefed up, homemade slow cooked corned beef (P 310.00) it was served with potato hash and another runny eggs too! Did the sound of "SLOWCOOKED" stopped you in mid breath too? To tell you, three "T's" will sum up the goodness of this creation. "Tasty" , Tender", "Try mo na!" (You try it now).


       The beef was heavenly tender, and twas matched up with potato hash and some eggs too! Runny eggs seem to nurture each dish on our table and I think I got lucky cause I love my eggs runny! 

       To complete the breakfast course, Eggs Benny was laid in front of us. I hope you see how substantial the serving is. A different zing was noticeable to the Eggs Benny, the chef used some lemon zest with the hollandaise which makes it more familiar to our palate. They used sourdough bread which makes it chewy and delectable.

       Dessert, the finisher of them all. Two nice Espresso Panna Cotta's (P 90.00) were served for us. This was new to their Dessert menu which includes more and more mouthwatering items. The consistency was right the block, not to soft, not to hard, not too sweet but the espresso made it more unique.

Food for thought: 

        To top off, I really enjoyed the greasy night of bacon and runny eggs plus the healthy succor of salad and toast. The All Beefed up was my personal favorite among the three, but the Eggs Benny was memorable too! The Coffee too is worth the cup, it's pleasing and it felt like home. Yolk, brings the very best of each cup, Yolk wants to inspire people to inspire others with the language using food and coffee. 

Why would I choose to go back at Yolk?

1. The real "All Day Breakfast" is here. Some eating places here in Cebu had been offering breakfast from 7:00AM to 10:00AM only, but at Yolk's, even if its 6:00PM you can always have your runny eggs served right in front of you.

2. Hefty Portions that are can be can be shared. Our choices varies, might as well share them to others. 

3. Not just good but great and awesome coffee. They have excellent coffee served here at Yolks, I recommend you to try The long black, their specialty and the cafe mocha. 

4. I was quite impressed with the quality of service they give to their customers, the crew were very attentive and knowledgeable. They are in pace with what they really do in their service.

5. The place can be passionate as you are. A great place not just for breakfast and coffee but a place to enjoy yourself, its peaceful, calming and cozy.

6. Innovation is the key. Yolk is trying to keep up with what people needs, they are continuing to expand their menu as for now, we could wait for that.

7. Mark your calendars, March 24, Tuesday they will start their coffee guesting! Head to Yolk for your coffee now! :)


  1. I am really happy that you are back to blogging now! I am utterly envious that you were able to visit Yolk, been always wanted to do before I left. Now, when I get the chance to visit I will definitely include Yolk as one of my detour. :)

  2. Mmmm...breakfast. Gigutom ko nagbasa ani...


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