5/52 International treat in a local scene.

 Saturdays are blaaah from the very long school week, Good thing that, Logos hope the largest floating book fair in the world is in Cebu. It was officially opened for the public last January 12, 2012 in Cebu port near Malacañang park (pier 1). 

Cebu was chosen to be the first  island visited by the Logos Hope community in the Philippines. The book fair covers 5000 different kinds of books including books on Cookery, Food, Business, Religion, Children, technology, and Classics. They also have toys for kids, coloring books, stickers and souvenirs. With 20 pesos entrance, you will really enjoy this one of a kind humbling experience. 

I was with Natahsha Yap, Cla Amante and Leah Tapulado heading there but, I was left with Natnat going around the Logos hope ship. At the entrance deck the place was realy cool with 40'' TV informing all the stuffs about the Logos hope community, They had this mini boat as chairs serving as waiting area for the public before going inside the book area. 

The book area is amazing, I'm into cooking and Baking so my eyes were led ahead on the Cook book section. Actually me and natnat went there easily not knowing where my other companions went through. 

My eyes caught this one, Heart pounding "OH" I really love baking i wish i had alot of money to buy all of those books.
Natnat and chocolate :)

Oh cookies oh :)

Books in Logos Hope are priced in units, ( 100 units = 100 pesos....)

The kid section :) I always wanted to be a kid, No problems just fun and games.

And for Music fanatics. Logos Hope shares something special for you. having their Music section.

The cute and special "Listen to the story section"  you walk into a area where there are displayed pictures of the story that is been told by a recorded voice. Kids would really enjoy this part. The story that has been told is similar to the story about the prodigal son. 

There's this fun part of the Logos hope ship where all of the ages could play as Captain and Crew, of course. natnat and I won't let this fun rip not to pass by our hands so, we ought the try :)))

Natasha the Crew

JM the Captain 
 Logos Hope for the past few years.

So after the tour on the book section, We excitedly approached on their International Cafe found on the near exit.  

The menu

Line towards the counter

Friendly Cafe Staff

Natnat getting our ice creams :))))))
And for the body of my blog I present these wonderful and yummy big tombo swirls if Ice cream in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. We found a Bench and sat together wearing smiles after we received the Ice creams and exclaimed like whoa!

Natnat and I both had the 'mixed flavor' Chocolate and vanilla in one. It is really good 100% guarantee of yumminess. The ice cream cost 50 pesos only, I hope you noticed how worth it your fifty pesos in the ice cream that i am holding above. The flavor of haven that will really satisfy your sweet tooth. It is heavy for a cone of Ice cream :)

We ate our ice cream together with this chocolate popcorn I bought from the Gasoline convenience store the time before we got there. 

The art of Ice cream :)
Someone plays a Piano for you while eating, When we are there, the pianist played the song Just once, and Only reminds me of you.

And after sorts of conversations we didn't noticed that we already finished eating our ice creams, Till the end of our ice creams Hooraayy for that Logos hope day :)

I love this one,  Natnat smiling with the small ice cream left <3
Logos hope will still be open unto public until February 12, 2012. We are planning to go back there and have more fun. Logos hope is not just a place to enjoy, I appreciate their goals in spreading knowledge and extending their help all around the world. I hope that they will continue to nurture and share what they have. To the people behind Logos Hope thank you for inspiring us and guiding the people especially the youth through selling good and cheaper books. More power and God bless.

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