6/52 Extra love for little grilled ones

Sundays are alloted time for church and relaxing. Spending small time with your love ones during Sundays are simple ways to enjoy a good Sunday. Me? I spend a lot of it with God and family. After spending some time with God joining SFC, Me and my friend dezza had a lil' chitchat at Naga city boulevard. This place is very known of their bay-walk which is similar to the one in manila bay-walk along  Roxas boulevard. Naga city is an hour drive from Cebu City 

Well in fact they are not only famous because of their bay walk but also they are famous for the good food found in here. Food stands along the bay walk is merely everything for foodies like us. You could find street popcorn, cold shakes, Dimsum, barbeque's and other street foods commonly known in the Philippines. 

I kinda missed barbeque's now, these last few weeks i haven't eaten much of barbeque's. I was always sticked eating wet viands and fried ones so I dared one in Naga to try out. This place did bought barbecue heaven on my sight. 

We ate in this spot.

Barbeque's on the menu OMG this is really is it!

Good friend who also likes food.

Stuffed bangus fish, Loved the chillies :) 

last thing, One of my favorites :)) Squidy baby :)))
 Spreading love and having happiness is always priceless, even the riches person in the world cannot buy happiness in one snap. So foodies, we don't have to spend much to taste good food, it's your way of lifestyle and attitude that counts. Just enjoy every bite of what you are eating and never mind the calorie count :) 


  1. Awesome barbecue spread! I can spend an entire day there!

  2. Wow! Love the bbq! Looks great! :D

  3. The food dude- Yeah you could if you want too :D

    Justinne Go- They taste good too neng, i know you like, ayee hahah


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