19/52 Milktea? Dimsum Break?

Everybody feels the burning summer heat, Last summer wave for the month of May I guess. Seeing this poster outside One mango mall in Mango ave. gave a enthusiastic relief of  happiness inside the kiddo's heart (Your writer is the kid :D) 

Milk tea? for 45? That's sharp and Cheap. After my mom and tita left to go somewhere, I headed inside to check it out. Not reading the bottom part of the poster I was surprised that the milk tea is sold from Dimsum break. Dimsum break, an authentic and popular Chinese dinning in Cebu city. I love their Steamed rice, Fried spring rolls and chicken feet. My mom loves to eat at Dimsum it's cheap she says and  considering the fact that she  first learned using Chopsticks in Dimsum Break from her good teacher (THAT'S MEEEE :D)

My milk tea :D Happy face

This one's good but not that very very very good, I wish they added more milk cause for me I could really taste the strong tea flavor, But Overall It's worth good and worth 45 for real :D They offer two actually, Milk tea with pearl balls and Milk tea with Nata de Coco. I had the pearl balls. The kid is satisfied, heat relieved. Hooo.

I spotted one Milk tea stand in 138 mall before, The milk tea cost 10, 20, 30, with black sago. That was too sweet for me actually but it was alright understanding the price of the product I could really see the difference. 

Milk tea Friday. SMILE kid

Foodtographs to remember.

There are a lot of Milk tea shops in Cebu like Cobo, Tea and symphony, Bon appetea, Bubble bee tea house. And I'll try some soon as school comes back, Money goes in :D Soon people. I'll share more about these cooling teas. 

I like milk itself, I like tea itself but. But the combo hits a good one :D


  1. wow! now i'm craving for milk tea ;)


    1. Don't fight your guilt. Get one soon :D

      BIGFOOD :D


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