20/52 The good start 'Pop's Chick n' Wings'

Opening a chicken shop business is quite convenient because chicken itself comes cheap from poultry dealers and markets. There are lots of chicken restau's found on Cebu, some comes pricey but some are cheap yet good enough. Last Sunday may 27, 2012 It was pop's chick n' wings opening and blessing. Joining the ceremony, I was with with Ms. Eat Cebu (presa) her supportive love Rocky, and my friend Sonny santos. Presa and Rocky was extremely affable and approachable people, I admire the love in heart and the love for food that connects them. While sunny is not the typical guy you'll expect. O well going back to the chicken story, Pop's chick n' wings is owned by Lutherese "tetet" Noel Legarde  also the owner of Popeye's Grill house in Mango, I made it a review before. Tetet a young chef organized everything in the shop. 

The logo reminds me of Simsimi.

With her supportive family, friends, crews and special one, I should say she did it well. Her heart for food indulged her to have her own place. The place is so hippie, full of music and bright. It's orange and white interior colors gives the warmth aura to every costumer just to heat up the vibrant feeling back to the 60's and 70's plus the cute signage's that are hung around gussled up the eyes of every patrons.

Tetet focused on different varieties of recognizing the cookery of chicken wings. Form her special Spicy Jerky wings which come to be the shops specialty and best seller, she added Chili Buffalo wings, Cajun Flavor, Sweet Soy-garlic chicken and the Lil pops (49 php). The place could hold up to 35 people so cool to hold USC students for lunch. The owner was so hands on preparing the place for the people. 

She served these for us.

-From left to right-Puso (hanging rice), Jerky chicken wings, Spag, Pop-tatoes

Spicy-Hot wings :D


That's the LECHON ♥

The food was so good. The mashed pop-tatoes was good, whom sonny and I both liked even thou it ended up being grated than mashed. Kinda unique :) ♥ She also had sweet goodies that calmed y tooth :D

Pop's Chick n' Wings is now open and ready to serve you. The first shop is located in Nasipit Talamban across USC TC. The second one will be Robinsons mall In fuente Osmeña. Get A sneak on their menu.

I'm still puzzled with this. Coming back for this thing soon :D

Area outside.

These people :D
Sunny Santos.

From L-R* Lutherese, Sonny, Presa and Rocky.

Friends :D

Pop's Chick n' Wings
Like them on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/PopsChickNWings
Nasipit Talamban Cebu city.
Open daily, 10AM-10PM

UPDATE! They moved at Robinsons mall Osmeña Blvd.


Pop's Chick n' wings is now out-of-business.  

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