22/52 Cheap self-treat MOON CAKES

It's been awhile! yuhooo! :D cam was kinda broken and the pictures were stuck so I have to wait until I get to view the pictures again before I could make my blog, I've been so absent from it for a loooooong time :(

Class is back and so as my life as a student went back to normal and the way it should be again. My sched this sem is not that full and that was great news for me, I have more time to spend for my blog and my mini food adventures :D *sigh* 

try to guess what's in this food bag?

Today, i'm going to share about these cheap little treats that bought a smile for me for the first week of classes. These little food stuff are called Japanese moon cakes. 

Cheap little food :D

The very first time I tasted these "moon cakes", I was fascinated with the simple pancake taste of it but surprisingly there's something more inside especially the flavored filling. It actually comes in different flavors now like chocolate, strawberry, yema, pineapple and cheese. You can find these moon cakes sold in stalls in "dan colon" in Cebu, also in SM, The spot where 01K jeeps stops. 

Luckily there's one stall of moon cakes nearby my school, So i bought some for myself (selfish kid). I bought, Strawberry, choco and cheese flavored moon cakes. They are only 5 peeysees each, I bought six and that costed me 30 pesos only. These moon cakes bought a smile on the face of your writer. They tasted so simple for me but it mends my tummy thou. :D 

Choco baby :D

I wish they added more of the filling, The amount was kinda little for me. But it was okay, The price is worthy enough for it :D 

I wish all of you could pass by and taste this simple food. It's kinda similar to oishi manju but these moon cakes doesn't taste as great as Oishi Manju which is really my favorite (wish they'll have a branch in Ayala so it will be accessible for me to eat any time I want) :'(

But these moon cakes are still cute and good :D 


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