21/52 Sunny afternoon at the Milk Sation

It was a boring afternoon for your writer to stay at home and do nothing. I was with my friend enjoying lunch at Mang Inasal when we both decided to go to Milk Station Barili Cebu. About 50 kms from Cebu City, you can find this farm named Molave farm which offers fresh dairy products and some food to get a hit into your tummy. 

This is my friend Danikha Sandoy 

17, SK chairwoman, Business student, eater

With some new friends, We all enjoyed that afternoon with bright smiles :). We arrived late in the afternoon at about 3:50PM, The place was not that full and thank God the weather was just fine. The ice cream that will only cost you 20 pesos per cup comes in different flavors like, melon, strawberry, chocolate, ube and mango. But too sad the only available flavors that afternoon was just Ube and chocolate, So the guys had no choice. It's still ice cream :D I really don't like ice creams thou they say it's yummy, I crave for it sometimes but I don't like eating it as often like others do. I preferred to have fresh milk that cost 25 pesos each. More calcium for me :). 

Ice cream friends L-R Danikha, Adrian, Bea :D

Danikha's Choco ice cream 

L-R. Danikha, Bea, Adrian, Rey and jetz 

My milk, It was enough so good :D
Milk station also had pizzas on their Menu

The place was old yet amazing, Milk station was been there for several  years and still counting. Very nature'y , environment friendly, this place will just help you raise up like go, go, go :D. The ecstatic feeling you gain when you are in a good and peaceful place, with some fresh air, cool people you just feel right to celebrate the goodness of life. But so sad this place is a no signal zone. :(

On our way there we also bought these delicacy from Mantalongon Cebu called bingka sold  20 pesos per pack. Fresh and hot. They are found beside the roads sold by tindera's in baskets or trays.

Close encounter as my mouth penetrates ;D

way of cooking

The farm is not open for the public, That's bad :( I hope I could watch the ostrich inside while sipping my milk. We saw them from a far and they are really wonderful. I've got pictures but the ostrich were so fine and little like dust. Heeeee. Well I could see them in the Zoo soon need not to worry :D Thanks for these people who went with me and especially to danikha :D

Milk station Barili Cebu.


  1. HA! i love this place too! nangadto ra mi didto'g pinakalit pod, on a whim. na wa-wa kay nakatug sa mini-bus hahahaha... i like their goat cheese and their ice cream! :D

    1. Lakbay Phil! thanks for droppin by :D Yea i heard about the goat cheese and Hope to try it soon. The milk is soooo gooooood jod. Nindot balikon :D

  2. They have the best frozen yogurt! Too bad it's not available often.

    1. Yea, I think it's because of the production, The place is really built to be a dairy farm not a dairy food shop. so I guess having those products are like "sidelines" only for the owner :)


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