23/52 Bonappetea!

I'm not a good student neither a bad one, But I still go to school that's the important thing. Yesterday I was at Ayala to buy my friend’s gift for her birthday after which, I decided not to go to my next class because I could really feel within my nerves that the teacher wouldn't be around. Luckily, there was no show for the teacher again *safe*: D 

I wanna go somewhere but I was alone, I asked some of my friend's but they have classes or stuffs to do, how sad my life is. Then I remembered there was Bonappetea near at Ayala, so I decided to check it out. 

Branch in Apitong St., near Ayala.

I should say, the place was good, the whole place could hold 23 people, 28 to be max if others are standing. The counter was spacious with high working tables, the shop's interior color were nature in color, like brown and green with some toss of orange and white. It was gloomy inside, a lil of people were in, a couple, 2 friends and a guy who's enjoying the free usage of the shop's WiFi. Others get in and grab their milk teas for take outs. Ambiance was cozy and the staff were attentive, they even reminded me of my straw which was totally out of my head that time after talking to the manager. Despite of the kitchen activity, the place smells good with the AC in good condition: D (great :>)

The counter.

How cute this area in here. 

This is were I actually stayed cause it's the only place left. 

I actually met the branch manager of Bon appetea both here in Ayala and in Salinas drive. His name is Charles, The guy in plain white polo shirt in picture number 2. First I thought he got mad after I took a picture of their menu, with a big voice he asked me "what was that for?" (In my mind I was deep afraid and thinking was he angry because I did that? O.M) But by then, He was welcoming and even minded a conversation with me while I was waiting for my milk tea, he even asked for my site ( Thank you Lord for saving me :D) I also saw him learning and enjoying how to make milk tea in their kitchen.

The menu was big; not in size but in terms of how Bon appetea could offer more of the milk tea itself. More flavors that would suit everyone's taste buds. I ordered Creme brulee (which consists of Black tea, Caramel, vanilla and black sugar) 

Creme brulee for Bigfood ♥

The sweetness level was greatly enough for me, I even loved the sweetness of their pearls; It doesn't taste that artificial like one of the milk teas I tasted before. The serving size was worth for Php70 (16oz) and Php 80  (20oz)

They also have these "sinkers"  or add ups for your milk teas like extra pearls for 10, honey aloe, nata de coco, coffee jelly, caramel jelly, tri color jelly, egg pudding and panna cotta all for Php 15  each. 


They also have Frappes, Fruit teas and yakult teas. Im kinda "intrigue" about these salt and cheese foam available in Winter melon, cocoa, taro and matcha, I'll be coming back for this! :D And I also wanna taste the rain forest passion milk tea, heavenly blush milk tea and the mango yakult tea.

Fanatics of Bon appetea, GREAT IDEA :D

Me and my milk tea :D

Thanks Bon appetea for bringing a wonderful afternoon for me, I enjoyed the place and for sure your patrons will always be there as long as you serve them with love and passion. 
You can view more of their menu's and special updates from their Facebook and twitter.

bon appetea is open Mon-Sun 11:00am-12:00am

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Visit their website


Salinas Drive Lahug.

Apitong St,. (near ayala)


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