24/52 Cure for craving! LLEW'S Mud pies

I've been so alone these past few day's, I think I've became a bore :( and left behind. Drama queen: D I have Saturday classes and that ruins my weekend, less days to rest and shorter time to have fun with my friends because of my major subject. (Not long from now you'll find me lying in the hospital suffering from mad-school disease) Haha, *laugh. It's was a rainy afternoon and I wanna go out, LOL I always loved the rain and I will always do. After the rain stopped, I went to this small shop that will surely mess my face, I'm a clumsy eater, Even that simple cornetto disc ice cream leaves me a dirty face like a kid :D 

So LLew's Mud pies which would take me a short walk from Mango gave me a good sweet treat and a bloom inside my heart ♥, released the kid in me.  

  So the place is tiny, even if it flew in a place with busy people, I found this place to be simple yet admirable, the interior was light yet the frames and pictures describe the shop and the stuffs on their menu. The place likely could hold up to 22 people including the outdoor seating. The ambiance was fair; they only have 2 staffs ready to serve you.

get your messy face :D

I first heard about this place from my friend who always craves for their smores which I was intrigue of and determined to try. S'mores or a short term for "some' more" which I think that's the tag line of the shop, “Specialty mud pies, square paos, S'mores and more!" Cute* 

So I was alone arriving at the shop, I spotted a couple which was sweet like the mud pies the shop could offer #etchosera# JK. The crew was welcoming and I immediately ordered their s'mores- choco vanilla flavor for Php 25( I choose the frozen one, But they also have the warm one if you'd like to) And I also had Choco mud pie for Php 30 

Cute platter and cute spoon :D


The s'mores was really good but too cold for my teeth, I survived eating it in less than 5 minutes (obviously I've been craving for sweet things for the longest time) and I ended up with a messy face. S'mores consists of roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of Graham crackers. It is popular in United States especially for camping's. Good treat for kiddie campers. 
The s'mores was coldly kept in a well sealed package, really safe that took me 5 minutes to open. This mouth-watering treat up hailed my sweet tooth: D I had a great time eating even if I was a lil bit conscious because of the two crews, *shhhh, they might look at me and give a great laugh because of my cute messy face :D  JK.

Next is the Choco mud pie which I found to be too sweet for me or maybe that was just the effect of the S'mores I ate ahead. But it was good, I should say as a Oreo lover, "cheers for the oreo treat" The choco mud pie (base from my taste) consist of crushed oreo's as the base layered next with chocolate cream which has a good texture but too sweet, with some chocolate chips and topped with sweet jelly-like chocolate and oreo crumbs. PERFECT* so smile*

Small for 30 peeysees but yum for 30 peeysees

I also wanna buy the cheesecake and try them but I felt I was full enough from the chocolate things I finished, i'll try them next time as I go back in Llew's (Hey shop owner, You are making me so fat with your stuffs :/)

The mainstream line I could hear from everyone to describe a person or a thing, Awesome. That's for Llew's, Great shop Ms, Giselle Boholst (owner) I'll be coming back for more: D

Kiddie chef :D

Got a card. Thank you Mr. friendly crew :)

They also have rice meals and "deep fried ice cream in their menu. You should try em all: D


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Llew's mud pies is in Treehouse bldg, Aboitiz St,. Cebut city ( Beside Cofifi cafe)
For orders and reservations contact: 032-2397200 / 0916195863  

Solo flight, Self treat



  1. I have always wondered how their mud pies taste. One of these days I will definitely try it.

    1. Hi mustachio :) Thanks for passin by. Their choco mud pie was sweet but I think you'll like them. The s'mores were really really really good, Don't forget to try them,


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