Milk tea stands to be one of the latest trends in the food industry of Cebu City nowadays; Milk tea shops are flooding anywhere, different brand names and different ways of marketing their products. We go healthier and healthier as Milk tea booms in Cebu (But I had a little research and read an article that Milk wrecks the health benefits of Tea especially the green tea, HOW SAD!). But still it's kinda healthy; I don't advice milk tea to the people which are lactose intolerant. I got attached with milk tea and kinda fell in love with it. I like tea and more of milk that's why I get fascinated with the lovely, comforting and healthy effect of milk tea (COMBO HIT). Honestly, the milk tea shops I could find anywhere possibly offer the same flavors and just differ in propaganda's. You just have to choose where to have a good one :)

So I decided to make my Food-project healthy, I'll go Milk tea Hopping in Cebu City and share to all the foodies and Milk tea lovers like me out there :) at least I could extend a little help to those people who wanted to have a good drink :) 

So It was an afternoon, I visited Moon leaf, Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea shop, which was  promoted to me by my friend and also a food blogger Babe for Food which blogs about Cebu's secret food spots and my Literature 1 teacher Ms. Jo to try.  So why not? :D (Your writer is an adventurous one) Moon leaf here in Cebu is the first branch; it’s actually a franchise from the ones in Manila. Moon Leaf Cebu is owned by Mr. Charles Christian K. Cuenco (Registered nurse) and Mr. Ryan Robinson V. Uy (managing director of Mandaue foam). I actually met Christian who was there very welcoming and even shared his time with me. He was the cashier (I really saw how focused he was with their shop) and manager at the same time. I was kinda shocked when I got into the place; it was really full and crowded with USC students. It was around 3:40 when I got there but after a while, people were going off to school and I had rested in a table for two near the counter.

Full-pack afternoon

I had, Tiramisu Milk tea, It's one of their "Limited edition flavors" but Christian told me that it will surely be part of their menu because their patrons liked it.

Tiramisu milk tea 75+pearls for 10

They only had one size for their drinks; I think it's about 20oz per cup. The tiramisu milk tea was composed with black tea, Tiramisu syrup and a lil bit of sugar which was soothing for me. It was sweet but I liked it. The tiramisu flavor is there and kinda left a lil flavor in my mouth after I finished my drink. Their supplies are from Taiwan but the Manila branch sends it to them. They cook their pearls, and Christian told me that he goes there 2 hours before the opening time of the shop everyday to cook them by himself (They don't store pearls overnight because it taste bad after refrigeration, It looses it's flavor.)  The white paint which dominated the interior color of the shop makes the place looks clean and big. The place could hold up to 22 people I guess (there were lots of people so I didn't mind to do a head count) :)

Small Menu

Christian had actually 5 crews with him and one guard for safety (actually the guard helps in cleaning the table) And I think Christian trained them to be friendly and attentive as possible 

Moon Leaf also displays this "freedom wall" like those other milk tea shops and coffee shops to get some comments from the costumers. 

I even left mine too :D

Moon leaf also sells these small lovely macaroons made by Christian's mom (I forgot to take a picture of it) which looks to be yummy I: D
So that was my afternoon with Christian and Moon Leaf, I had a great time and good drink. Moon Leaf's best seller and must try is their Winter melon Milk tea, Tiramisu milk tea and caramel Milk tea. They also had Fruit teas and basic teas. Available add on's are Pearls, Pudding, Milk, Nata and Aloe Vera.

Directions :D



After a lot of milk tea doses from Moonleaf, I recharged myself with this Wintermelon tea and get hooked with it. Its ought a try tea kids :)  


10:00am-10:00pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
1:00pm-10:00pm (Sundays)

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  1. Hello, visit Jelly Citea Milk Tea and Coffee at Raintree Mall Lahug

    1. Hi! ;) Yeah heard of the place. I will soon! When school comes back :)) Hope you can join me though :) It'll be fun :))


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