26/52 Thank you treat :)

 I may not be the one who could write the best thing in the world, I know I'm not perfect _kung sa bisaya pa "Kinsa ragud tawn ko?"_ I'l make this post short. There was this person who told me that I should do what I love to, I may not live by tomorrow and die tonight (Mamatay daw nya ko). Who knows right? I know God planned things for me, Good and bad, but both are essential for me to learn how to live. Well this post is a thank you post for BonAppeteaCebu especially to the cool dude manager Mr. Charles Francis Tiu who gave me a treat of my 1st salt and cheese foam drink from Bon appeatea. I already written a review about Bon appetea Cebu (click on the link below)

I love milk teas but this drink was kinda different.

I had Matcha, Which was Charles personal favorite. He has weird taste buds, for real! My drink had this "seaweed" taste whom at first I didn't really liked because of the aroma, and it had an extreme distinct flavor ( it is still edible, It's worth a try :D). He told me that this matcha drink is like the healthiest because you can have more antioxidants compared to an ordinary brewed tea. The longer I sipped my drink, It did taste better and better and better. He gave me one large drink which would only cost him 110 peeysees (Rich this guy)

MAM? oweeee :)

Charles Tiu

 So, Charles is an Electronics and Communications Engineer (a graduate from USC) a writer (he used to blog before) and an active member of Youth for Livable Cebu it's a movement that aim's for a better Cebu for every Cebuano. They are against in having flyovers in Cebu, and only wanted to have a sustainable place for every one of us. (This organization is kinda interesting) They also wanna imply environment preservation and community consultations.  -My personal opinion, We don't really need those flyover thing, they even cause great traffic, greatest example of this is the one sited in Mambaling Cebu(exit from SRP)

I think all of us wanted to have a greater place to live in, Happier and simpler community in short. So in making this, Youth for livable Cebu is one of the greatest starts :) 

Going back to the post, I was pleased (as in so so so so much) because I had the chance to steal some of Charles time for that afternoon (He was the cashier for that day) Charles was chummy not only to me but to every costumer that walks in to have milk tea. We had the casual conversation as usual and learned more things about Bon appetea. Bon appetea is another branch from Manila, It's owned by Mr. Tom Pestano (Cousin of Charles) which is a graduate of Culinary from US, Bon appetea is actually releasing more flavors soon! SO WAIT FOR IT FOODIES :) 

Bon appeatea has a branch now outside of Sacred Heart Hijas in Escario, it's only a take out shop so if you wanna chill while having milk tea with your friends, you rather go to Apitong branch or in Salinas Lahug branch. OPEN FOR EVERYONE: D

So, I just wanna say thank you to Mr. Charles Francis Tiu for the treat and time. Hope I could see you again and God bless for your endeavors especially to Youth for livable Cebu.

And to all my readers, wait for more Milk tea adventures that I'll share to all of you guys. I also wanna say thank you to my friends who went with me and to my mom who supported me for my blog :) I love you guys :)


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Salinas Drive Lahug.

Apitong St,. (near ayala)


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